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The Grove at Arlington



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Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/20/2005
I moved in to the Metropolitan a short period before it was sold and converted to condos. I am currently looking for a condo in this area within the same price range, but after living here a while i realized this was not a safe or good place to live. <br><br>I have had my problems with the rental property management, but as we now all know, they won't be around much longer anyway.<br><br>Serious problems exist with the electrical systems within the complex. I am an engineer, and have noticed several serious issues. These issues become most apparent during power outages when the emergency power kicks on. Some apartments have full electricity, some have no electricity, and still others have random electrical outlets and fixtures with power. This lack of an organized electrical wiring scheme alludes to many other potential problems. Also, there have been many issues with the electronic gated entry systems. I was told by management that technicians have been to the property multiple times and that the companies cannot figure out the problem. This could very easily be caused by faulty wiring. <br><br>The water pressure here is horrendous. It is so bad that when i moved in i called in a trouble ticket, because i thought that the water shutoff hadn't been turned on when i moved in. To give you an idea it takes 5 minutes to get hot water from the heater which is 20 feet away! Management told me that all new buildings have small pipes and that's why the pressure is so bad.<br><br>There are lots of examples of shoddy construction to go through, but be aware that when looking at these properties, you should inspect everything thoroughly. Even with close inspection, it might not prepare you for the light fixtures falling (wires and all) out of your ceiling in the middle of the night, like what happened to me two days after moving in. They look good on the surface, but don't expect that to last very long with the poor craftmanship.
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The Grove at Arlington

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