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The Reserve at Clarendon Centre



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
I've lived in this building since it opened. After reviewing a rating from 2004, I realized sadly not much has changed. The leasing and management staff literally change quarterly. It is discouraging and frustrating, and you have to ask yourself as a renter, "Why is this the case?" <br><br>Noise is next largest problem in this building and you cannot escape it from an apartment on any side. In addition to the fire station 0.25 miles away and the constant blaring of sirens, there is never-ending loud construction on every corner of the building. Don't dream of taking a day off at home and trying to relax. All you'll hear is construction and internal building pipe work (these problems have been going on for months). <br><br>In addition, construction brings mangled side streets with metal plates everywhere that ruin your tires and make loud noises every time a car drives over it (i.e., constantly, 24-7). The apartment management staff have never solved this problem. I've had to call Arlington County directly before appealing (begging) for assistance in the noise problem. <br><br>Don't think it's going to stop soon, either. Shortly after the building goes up on 10th Street at the old Post Office, the Sala Thai and CVS are being torn down for, you guessed it, more condos! <br><br>While the building lobby and amenities are very nice, what is the cost-benefit analysis? The building is not worth the sky-high rent, particularly with many more apartments in Clarendon now, which was not the case when the Reserve was built. A one-bedroom 700 square-foot sized apartment can run well over $2000 (without parking). This is Manhattan pricing, except we don't live in New York City! <br><br>The so-called "game room" costs $100 per hour to use it if you want it exclusively (why else would anyone want it?)!! This is outrageous, and you will NOT find this fee in any other building nearby. Most places simply request a deposit in case of damages, and it is returned afterward. As a result, very few actually use the room for events (outside of leasing staff when they throw building-wide happy hours). <br><br>As a renter, you can see where your money is and is not spent within the building. Money is spent on happy hour and continental breakfasts and fresh flower bouquets in the lobby. Money is not spent on expedient internet service in the computer room, which only has THREE terminals. I've frequently waiting more than one half hour for a computer and then had to wait 5 mintues before a website can be pulled up. There is no building-wide wireless internet...this is only in the game room (again, what's the point? If you're willing to haul your laptop to the game room, you may as well use the computer room and save yourself the hassle). <br><br>Finally, the saving grace of this building, which has always been its cleanliness, is also now lacking and another reason it is not "luxury." Several months ago, I saw a gigantic roach moving from the game room to the lobby. Several discussions with residents and past concierges confirmed there is a roach problem in the building. <br><br>Remember, $2000 per month for a smallish one-bedroom and now roaches? Once they "move in" to a building, it's almost impossible to get them out. You've been forewarned. <br>
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The Reserve at Clarendon Centre

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