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The Wellington

1850 Columbia Pike

Arlington, VA 22204



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2005
Due to a house fire, I stayed at a friend's place at the Wellington for about 5 days. During that time, I saw first hand that what you get is not what you pay for. First, utilities are no longer included as part of the monthly rent. They used to be, but my friend got three separate notices during the 5 days I was staying with him that electricity, water, trash are not longer included in the rent effective within the next month. Also, the rumor mill has it that gas/heat will no longer be included as well. <br><br>Parking is non-existent. The interior of the building was recently painted and the paint job was a bad one. Just ugly and the new carpet is tacky. The walls are thin, very thin. I was staying in my friends guest bedroom and his neighbors next to me have sex late at night, very loudly. When I would pound on the wall to let them know I could hear them, that really turned them on and they really went at it for a long while. And yes I listened to every groan and moan of it. The buidling smells from all of the variety of foods being cooked here. The one thing that is probably the worst aspect of this place is lack of security. Even though the main entrance to the building is a controlled access door, people leave that door propt open all the time. You should see the diversity of people that just come strolling in here. No robberies... yet. <br><br>Many thanks to my dear friend for letting me stay. Do not move here. It is so not worth the money.
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The Wellington

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