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Loudoun Heights Apartments

20300 River Ridge Terrace

Ashburn, VA 20147



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Office Staff
opall1069 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
Unless you don't mind living in a ------, don't rent here. I have witnessed a peeping tom who ran off when I caught him. There are about 15 - 20 "possible" illegals waiting outside the daycare area in the morning waiting for their work rides. The trash compactor is overflowing and disgusting. The breezeways are full of trash and litter. My neighbor had a UPS package stolen from her door. The neighbors are so noisy and you can hear everything in the breezeway if you have the bedroom next to that outside wall...lost a lot of sleep! The management staff is rude and I have personally witnessed them hollaring at and being rude to tenants who go in with complaints because they won't make repairs, myself included. The female on the maintenance crew seems to be the most courteous and knowledgable person on staff. I can not get anyone here to make repairs. The management had 2 weeks to get my apartment prepared for our move in date. The day of move in, I called to confirm that it was ready. I was told it was ready. When I arrived, the apartment hadn't been cleaned, painted, the carpet was filty, there was no toilet seat on the commode and a cigarette butt was sitting in the bottom of it. Doors were damaged. My moving truck was full and had to be returned by the next day and it was my only weekend available to make the move. The apartment was horrible...nothing worked. The cleaning person said he he wasn't cleaning it because he was ready to go home but he finally relented although my mother and I had to help him clean it up. The next morning they spot painted cleaned the carpet but was soaking wet when we moved in and spots were left. When I confronted our leasing agent she said she was going to lunch and wouldn't listen to my complaint until she returned. My A/C wasn't working and we had to move in during a heat wave. The maintenance only thawed it out but said they fixed it so it froze back up and didn't work 3 times within 2 weeks but couldn't get anyone to repair it. There was so much damage to this apartment and only a portion has been resolved. I've been waiting for 5 months for a closet for the linen closet. The door on the laundry area sat against my kitchen wall for months because they wouldn't replace it and I was embarrassed to have company over with an exposed utility / trash closet. My dishwasher has been broken for almost 2 weeks, for the second time and am still waiting for it to be repaired as my apartment smells bad because of the food residue that sits in it. My commode leaks and causes mold on the bathroom floor. I've paid for a fireplace for the last 7 months that I can't use because it releases too much gas. I paid $16 for one month just for the pilot light. I complained about it many times and it has never been looked at. I could go on and on...FIND ANOTHER PLACE TO LIVE!!! I have advised all departments and agencies that have previously referred employees to this complex not to do so anymore.
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Loudoun Heights Apartments

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