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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
Although I have enjoyed living in an apartment with a vaulted ceiling and I really like having my own bathroom, I have a lot of complaints.<br><br>1. the office staff is simply incompetent. they are rude, hardly ever there, and seem to think their job is the most important thing in the world. <br>2. vistor parking is a joke. if you want to have friends over after, say, 8pm then you better be sober enough to go get them and drive them back...then be sober enough to take them back home later. <br>3. no pets allowed. they have a strict policy. although i know many people who have gotten away with having pets, there is a $100 fine if you are caught.<br>4. they fine you if you leave any trash outside your apt. so, i suggest making sure you clean up everything after a party and take it to the dumpster ASAP...this is also a $100 fine.<br>5. they love to tow...again, warn your friends. if they are parked without a permit past 10pm, THEY WILL GET TOWED...its $150 to g et your car back which is ridiculous, so be warned.<br>6. some of the units are not comparable. i lived in a 4 bedroom with a garbage disposal (amazing invention) and a new washer and dryer. when i moved to a 2 bedroom, i had no garbage disposal and my washer and dryer are from the 1950's. ask to look at the unit you will be living in and see if you can get one of the best available. <br>7. EXPENSIVE! your rent will be more than most any other place around bburg. your utlities are through the roof. NTC alone will make you want to cry every month. you'll have you NTC bill (ethernet, phone, cable), your electric bill, your gas bill, AND your water bill. save up!<br>8. Don't let them tell you that it is close to the BT. that's BS...you have to get off at terrace view and walk to your apartment from there..it suuuucks.<br><br>That said, there are only a few pros I can think of....<br>it's clean, safe, and the maintence staff is usually pretty good.
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Collegiate Suites

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