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Windsor Hills Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
The Layout of these apartments are quite nice. The rooms are a reasonable size. The master has 2 large closets, and the public bathroom has a glass shower. HOWEVER, the maintenence staff are horrible rude, and inconsiderate. We were having a problem with the aur durinf SUMMER...and the staff argued with us that it was summer, and that it was just going to have to be hot. Turned out, our whole air conditioning unit needed replacing...and the whole while they were doing so the man complained about how much money he was having to spend on our apartment. My toilet broke, moy roommates shower had a hole it the floor. The carpet when we moved in was in such bad condition, that most apartment complexes would have replaced it. The paint was painted on so fast that it was dripped on the carpet, there was mold in the showers, and rust stains. The appliances are VERY old, Our refriegerator was missing shelves, there were bleach stains on the carpet, and water stains on the ceiling. I know it sounds stupid that we even moved in, but the one they showed us DID NOT look like this. So beware.. HA Edwards are manipulative and rude, and I DO NOT recommend Windsor Hill Apartments. Oh and it was a very RARE occasion that I got to park in front of my own building. Most of the time i had to park two buildings down and walk up the hill. The only time i was able to park in front of my building was during the day when most were either at work or school. So keeo that in mind.
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Windsor Hills Apartments

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