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Bent Tree Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/20/2002
When my (then wife) and I decided to get a divorce, I required an apartment quickly that allowed medium to large size dogs. It was either Bent Tree or some other apartment complex. When I first got here, Stephanie (who no longer works there) was very helpful and attentive. Everything seemed great. <br> <br>That was two years ago. <br> <br>Since then, the gym has had numerous broken machines, the grounds people always look at you like you´re to blame. <br> <br><B>THEY LOCK THE GATES TO BOTH OF THE TENNIS COURTS AND MAKE IT HARD FOR YOU TO USE THEM!</b> <br> <br>They make you go to the office and get a key to unlock it. Both courts used to be open all the time. They blamed children who would go there to play (skates and skateboards would scuff the surface) and dogowners. If I were a parent, I would much rather my children play in the courts rather than the apartment complex parking lots. And where are the dog owners supposed to bring their dogs? <br> <br>After asking residents to submit suggestions about ammenities we would like, due to the large number of dog owners here, we were told that they were considering changing one of the children´s play areas (that is <b>NEVER</b> used) into a small, private dog park for residents. This would keep the tenants happy, the grounds free of stray dog poop, etc. Instead, they rebuilt the play area. <br> <br>The rent increases are horrible. I have a one bedroom and a den and started out paying $1035/month. Now I have to pay $1145 a month. <b>[update: this review was originally posted in April of 2002. At the end of June/beginning of July I was given the opportunity to re-sign my lease at the price of $1245.]</b> <br> <br>They painted the cement in the hallways and the stairs and when it rains or snows it is super slick. I´ve almost broken my neck several times. <br> <br>I´m really depressed at the downturn this complex has taken. Throw your residents a bone once in a while. It is as if customer service has been thrown out the door. <br> <br>Oh, yes...if you have a car, the numerous speed bumps are going to wreak havoc on your undercarriage. I´ve seen speedbumps...some of these are horrible. If you have a lower, sporty car you´re in trouble. <br> <br>Would I recommend this place? Not anymore. <b>Now I give it a resounding "NO!"</b> <br>
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Bent Tree Apartments

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