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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
In all reality there is so much to list wrong with this complex. But as we all know...the problems start at the top...by this I mean not the leasing agents, but the group who oversees the whole complex.. I will give you an unbiased list of major problems.. Safety being the largest issue down to the quality of life. <br>1. Poor Lights outside -Very dangerous<br>2. Parking is easy to find a spot, but watch out for the nightly tow truck. We call it the "search and tow" I have been pulled 3 times. You will need a parking pass for yourself and anyone that comes to visit. Leasing office is hesitate about giving visitor passes. NO VISTOR PARKING. Everything was current too. Parking passes, etc. Trust me, they will find a way to get you for 125USD once a month. I.E. When I moved here I had out of state tags (state that does not require Inspection, etc) It was pulled twice for not displaying emissions tags. Trust me they will get you. Management does nothing to stop this unlawful practice. Save your money...go somewhere else and spend the 125.00 on groceries. <br>3. Landscaping is poor. Spider bushes etc. <br>4.Noise over head from airlines is not too bad. It is easy to get used too. <br>5. Cheap Cheap Fixtures. It makes you feel that you are living in a hotel. Have you ever seen an apartment where there are no lights in the rooms only sprinkler valves on the ceiling in case of fires. LOL.<br>6. All apartments are noise from residents overhead, but I am finding this one to be nosier than most. <br>7. The smell is horrible... All apartments smell like dog piss and cigarette smoke... We have tried everything from carpet cleaning, changing filters, air purification but nothing works. Other residents have the same problem.<br>8. Maintenance Man works hard and it shows. Who know what will happen if he moves on.<br>9. Office staff...LOL... It shows that the rehabilitation program in prison is working... Scary people...Check it out for yourself.. It is a trip going into pay for monthly rent and listen to the agents yell and scream at their spouses while trying to write a check....Serious, I am there once a month and every time strange things happen. <br>10. What a learning experience... Never again in my lifetime..well worth the extra price elsewhere... trust me.. or come learn for your self..just in tow bills you can upgrade to a better apartment complex that works for you.<br>
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