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Westgate Apartments



Resident · 2001 - 2003
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Office Staff
The first year I moved in I had no problems, staff or neighbors. But after I renewed my lease I began having issues. Not even a week my after my lease was renewed, I felt wet spots on my carpet and just cleaned it up. It wasn't until after I cleaned up the wet spot came back, so I opened the door to where my hot water heater was and there was a pool of water. Needless to say, this was noticed at 11:00 pm so I contacted emergency maintenance. My hotwater heater was clogged and wasn't draining and had to be replaced. Which took almost a week because they had to rip up the carpeting to dry the wet areas and get rid of the mold that formed where the water pooled and leaked into the coat closet adjacent to it. After that one incident things were quiet until 6 months later. I noticed some orange spots on the carpet in my bedroom and when I touched it it was wet, so i looked up and saw a huge water stain on my ceiling. Of course this happened also in the middle of the night. Maintenance came by and saw the water stain; he took his screw driver and poked a hole and a nice stream of water came out; I'd say about a gallon. Of course he really couldn't do anything then so the next morning the day crew came by to fix it. That also took a week to patch up because they had to reseal the hole, wait for the plaster to dry and paint it twice (one day in between coats). I asked them to look for signs of leakage upstairs and couldn't even find that. Oh there is more. I had a family member visit and we were both in the living room when I heard dripping noises. It wasn't the bathroom or kitchen; no it was coming from my closet. The neighor upstairs was taking a shower and water was leaking from their bathroom into my closet. By this time I was livid. I called the office the next and asked for someone to come see. By that time the wall was dry but you could see a water stain and all they did was paint over it. I went to the management office to talk to them to give me either 1 months of free rent or reduced rent or let me out of my lease early. Answer to all three questions: NO. They even tried to talk me into moving into another apartment when I had only 3 months left on my lease and one that was $20.00 more, but they wouldn't pay for the moving. I hired a property inspector to check out the water damage in my apartment and he said there was significant water damage and area were still saturated with water where repairs were made. After he told me this, moved out of my apartment a month early, losing 1 months rent and moved to another complex that was much more spacious and the same price Westgate was charging. I would not recommend this place now because management was not one bit helpful at all and maintenance took forever to finish repair work. Go someplace else.
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Westgate Apartments

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