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Westgate Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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I agree with all of the issues in which previous tenants have posted. I lived here 3 years ago. Same staff as discussed from previous tenants. Mgr is Farrah (I believe that was her name) and billing mgr was Amanda. These two are extremely unaccommodating. I moved there from 14hrs away. My now husband, fiance at the time and I were living 14hrs apart from eachother and he generously came into town for a couple of days to help me get situated into my townhome. I had just started a new job in Charlottesville that I took to help us save up money and pay off some bills before we started our new life. No less than 3 days while he was here, the incompetent manager Farrah came by our door and interrogated him about why he was here and how long he would be here and then proceeded to give him the run down about the lease terms (HOW RUDE and what a NOT warm welcome). Furthermore, my fiancee moved all of my items in by himself on the first day of my lease term because I had to work that day. He asked one of the maintenance gentleman if they could give him a hand with ONE piece of furniture and they turned him down. I also saw numerous times my next door neighbor having company and the landlord not questioning them at all. The difference between them and us is our skin color. I am no longer in Charlottesville simply because in my personal opinion, along with Westgate Townhomes, this place has alot of growing to do and alot of color barriers to break down if they ever want to get up to speed with the rest of AMERICA! I now live on the Westcoast. By the way, they had the nerve to try to charge me for pet fees on all carpets in the home, there was only one carpet damaged in the living room as my pet was not in all of the rooms, only downstairs. I explained to them I would pay only for the carpet that it actually damaged and that was that and they could take it or leave it. I asked them to produce evidence that the carpet was actually damaged and they could not provide me with proper proof. Foolish Amanda chose to make a bad business decision by meeting me halfway with the payment and to be fair so I threw up my hands. DO NOT STAY AT THIS COMPLEX, they are very unaccommodating and overpriced for what they charge. Not to mention, the inside of these homes are very very old. I had to get maintenance to renovate my stove, and the bathtub kept caulking and peeling which they had to keep repainting or whatever they did. Not to mention the railing came off and the stairs are extremely steep. If you're looking for amenities, there are none, except for one crappy pool that sits off a street. Dont rent here, period.
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