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Belmont at Greenbrier



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
We live on the 1st floor and have extremely rambunctious kids who live upstairs. The parents do nothing other than put mats on the floor to "mask" the sound of a herd of elephants running back and forth across the apartment. We have talked to the parents multiple times and the only answer we get is "What can we do?" So after some weeks pass, we get too irritated and decided to talk to the office about it. They tell us they have to hear the noise for themselves, which is understandable but the majority of noise is after 6pm when the office is closed. We have called and called multiple times at the time of noise and of course it stops everytime they get to our unit to listen. So finally we get them to hear it by not 1 but 2 employees and it's still not good enough. They are calling it "apartment noise". I've lived in many apartments and NEVER HAVE HAD TO DEAL WITH APARTMENT NOISE THIS BAD. They offered to allow us and the family upstairs to meet in the office to talk it out and it never happened. Said they would call us in a couple of days to tell us when would be a good time to meet and 2 weeks later still didn't hear from them. So i called them. They then suggest a random after hours "courtesy" tenant to come into my home to listen to this noise. Then they will set up a meeting with the family upstairs. I feel complete disregard from the apartment staff and feel as though I am paying for a "luxury apartment" that can't even get peace and quiet. The actual lease states that the residents will maintain a peaceful environment for their neighbors dwelling. Jennifer in the office is very professional and personable. That's about all I've to say about the office staff.
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Belmont at Greenbrier

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