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Cedars at Greenbrier



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
If you are looking for an apartment and you're looking here DO NOT even consider it. Me and my roommate thought we were getting a great deal when we signed up to rent here when they had like $500 off the first months rent or whatever and after the first 2 months we have had enough of this place. If you're young and are wanting your own place to host get together's with friends and what not DO NOT live here! At the end of October me and my roommate had a letter sent to us saying that if we had ONE MORE complaint from someone we would get evicted. Now, we had no idea that we had even had one person complain about us and I feel like the office should have at least given us a heads up or something. Now we have to be super quiet all the time and basically not ever have fun or enjoy ourselves in our own apartment for fear of having just ONE more complaint about us and getting evicted...We've had some noisy neighbors but we understand that the walls are paper thin and you just have to deal. Well I guess to the other sticklers that live here they just think it's unacceptable to hear you even sneeze, or invest in ear plugs for that matter! The girls at the front office and the manager there are a joke. They don't even really know that much about the apartments. They told me the light switch for the balcony was by the front door when it really was behind the blinds by the balcony door. Also, I had a maintenance guy get mad at me for us putting things in the storage closet outside on the balcony and come to find out it's not a storage unit it's suppose to remain empty. When we first were given a tour of the place the girl told us it was an "extra storage unit". Now what kind of place has people who aren't even telling you the same thing? Nat's are quite a frequent problem too. The maintenance guys are nice but they do come every so often because something is always broken or needs replaced. We even live in one of the "updated" apartments and it's just simply not worth what you are paying for. But while we've been here they have updated the outside lighting for the parking lots but that's only because the apartment complex is a "hot spot" for vehicle break-ins. The only good thing about this place is that you are in a great location just horrible living amenities. Happy apartment hunting!
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Cedars at Greenbrier

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