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Cedars at Greenbrier



Resident · 2015 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I stayed here in 2016 but never renewed our lease because we were saving to move to north carolina. The staff here was amazing and always made you feel welcome and even threw parties every now and then for some occasion or another. The apartment itself wasn't terrible, actually pretty spacious if you placed your furniture correctly. People were generally good about picking their dog feces up and friendly when they saw you. Never fished in their stocked pond though because the water looks terrible, polluted and dead animals occasionally. We had a couple problems problem though. Our 3rd floor neighbor's washer and dryer unit leaked through our apartment and flooded our 1st floor neighbor's kitchen. The ac units are accessed only via the maintenance guy's keys and so when our unit froze over they had to thaw out a 4" thick slab of ice, which leaked into our carpet. They then had to cut a hole in our wall to tighten the pipes and shabbily covered it up with some white netting but the insulation and stuff was still flaking and visible. They took over a month to come in and fix the hole because a separate work order was needed to fix it. I have two pomeranians and had children under the age of 10 for that month, so our living room was basically off limits to them. Even after the staff fixed the hole, they never repainted it or smoothed it out so it was just an eye sore the entire time. We decided to not even bother with putting another job in because who knew how long that would take and our primary worries were solved. Overall, this is a decent complex with good neighbors if you're willing to talk to them and is pretty on point with keeping weeds and pests out of the way. Only had one robbery in the area while we stayed there though no one was hurt. Not a very noisy area either. There's bus stations up and down Battlefield so getting around isn't an issue. Maintenance was really the only headache, they're nice, just slow as molasses. I've seen both small and large dogs here so I'm not entirely sure what the restrictions, if any, are. Small laundry facility that requires chip cards, usually only one person in there at a time. The pool is usually very clean but the people who supervise it aren't all qualified lifeguards.
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Cedars at Greenbrier

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