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Green Tree Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2011
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Hello Reader: Green Tree (I resided in its sister property, Oak Grove) is managed by Templeton Properties. Templeton staff provides good maintenance and ground-keeping, which is very visible. Crate myrtles of white, red, and fuchsia and evergreen boxwoods are trimmed regularly. Typically, there is a speedy response within 24 48 hours to any maintenance issue. Only a few times during a leasing period did I have noise problem but I turned my air / heat on to drown it out and in a couple of cases, I reported them anonymously. I later discovered that my neighbors were college students but after receiving a noise grievance they became a lot quieter than before. We chose it because it was the least expensive apartment for a family without income restrictions. With an all-brick exterior, I felt safe, especially during Hurricane Irene. In short, the apartments are structurally older yet sound I prefer older apartments rather than newer ones that are cheaply built with paper-thin walls (my father worked as a building contractor). Freshly painted walls and new carpets were inside my apartment. Cream paint and deep chocolate carpets seem standard although I have seen maintenance replaces flooring once someone moves out. PROS Excellent location: The apartment complex is accessible to I-64, I-664, & Kempsville area of Virginia Beach. Location is 10 minutes away from Greenbrier by car. It is about 5 minutes from Chesapeake General Hospital and the Great Bridge/Chesapeake areas. Parking: Open, ample, and freely available for you and your guests, regardless of time of day, at Oak Grove. I cannot speak for Green Tree, but I assume the same is true. Speedy Service: 24 to 48 hour responses to maintenance and noise issues. Amenities: There is access to a swimming pool (Oak Grove shares with Green Tree) & coin-operated laundry inside each building (away from natural elements like cold and heat). There isn t a gas bill here, which was a huge bonus for me. Cleanliness: Yards are regularly maintained, crate myrtles bloom, and boxwoods trimmed, and paper picked up pretty frequently (once a week I think). Housekeeping vacuums inside apartment corridors. CONS Tiny bedrooms & older appliances, but I wasn t bother, I am married without children. For pet lovers no pets are allowed at the complex. ***NOTE regarding Security Deposit*** If you plan to move out, give yourself at least two (2) days to fully empty the apartment of everything, except your inflatable mattress (where you will sleep) and cleaning supplies. Do rent a carpet cleaner at a local grocery store (i.e. Harris Teether has a Rug Doctor). Thoroughly clean your apartment if you if you would like your security deposit. The oven should be cleaned with Oven Cleaner at least twice (in our case three times). Don t forget to clean under the stove, cabinetry and refrigerator. Wipe the walls with warm water and orange cleaner. Since we used command strips, there were no holes in the walls, so it was easy to clean the walls without marks. Your bathroom should be thoroughly clean (under the cabinets as well) I prefer using bleach for the commode. Please clean as if someone is going to tour the home and check every nook and cranny. Fortunately, we received most of our security deposit (minus $25 dollars for 30 minutes of cleaning which we think was probably a quick walk-through) as well as extra money we paid, since we paid ahead. I hope that I have provided an ample description of my experience. Weigh the pros and cons and make a best decision for your needs. Cheers! Sincerely, P. Francais
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Green Tree Apartments

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