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Green Tree Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
The apartments are small, price is reasonable, the location is great and the area is quiet. Moving in was smooth but as time went by we are not pleased with the property manager. During our first year, we were sent letter to not have trash outside of our apt door (I forgot, honest mistake), if so we would be fine (when I spoke with the property manager her response "we have pictures", which I wasn't denying the fact it happen) however 3 others in the building consistently leave bags of trash outside their door. As we allow the lease to continue for the second year, it seems the property manager became a bit rude and condescending. For example, the bathroom pipes clogged, (the tub always clogs) we were fined $40 for hair and 2 hair pins in the pipes. When I spoke with her, she quoted the lease agreement and stated "we have pictures". The most recent incident, we requested to remove the large spiders and their webs located on both of our bedroom windows,she refuse to send maintenance to removed them and informed me it was my responsibility (we live on the 2nd floor) and to take the screen out the windows and remove them (is that not maintenance job?);the balcony is too far to reach the windows... to this day the spiders and their webs are growing. She has not quoted the lease agreement nor "shown pictures". Our lease is up next year. And yes, we pay our rent on time each month...never a late fee.
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Green Tree Apartments

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