Waverton Chesapeake
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Waverton Chesapeake

3000 Waverton Parkway, Chesapeake, VA 23324
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"This is a great community. I really enjoy it, I couldn't have found a better place to live" ...
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Resident 2012



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to every bad review you hear or read about regarding Waverton Chesapeake, BECAUSE THEY'RE TRUE!!! Dog sized roaches, ants, termites, and MICE!! I'm sure the mouse came from a dumpster from the building near my apartment but nothing was done about it when I complained, no mouse poison laid, no holes were sealed, NOTHING. (Mice and roaches both carry different diseases) I could do a little home remedy for the ants for a year but I can't deal with the 10 roaches a day and the mice. I've never seen roaches before, only heard of people having them in there homes, never did I think I'd have that problem! I feel like Buffy the roach slayer chasing down behind them with my Raid/broom/fly swatter! I clean my house everyday (with bleach in fear that God knows what has passed through while I was at work), dishes are washed every night, vacuum every night. Even when the "exterminator" they have a contract with comes to spray it doesn't help, I never noticed a change, they must spray water. (Also what does that tell you about the place if they have a contract with a company that comes… See More>
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    Resident 2009 - 2012


    Worst complex ever!!!!!

    First off they have roaches, second of all the staff is extremely rude!!! Maintenance is slow and they try to charge you for everything, I have lived here for 3yrs and I can't wait to get out!! Run as fast as you can this place is awful!!

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      Resident 2011


      a great place to live!!

      I just moved in to Waverton Place and I have got to say it is the perfect place for me and my kids.The appartment is a very spacious 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with nice big closets.The office staff are so very professional and polite and will bend over backwards to be of help to my family.Every day I wake up I feel blessed to have found such a great place to live.I have already passed on info to several of my co-workers who are looking for a better place to live,if your looking for peace and quiet,a nice neighborhood at a great price then this is the place for you.

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        Resident 2010 - 2011


        Not a good place to live, especially if you have children.

        All I am going to say is that I haven't had any problems with my neighbors. It's the perfect size for my family, very roomy and spacious. THE ONE AND ONLY MAJOR PROBLEM WE HAVE ARE THE ROACHES AND ANTS!!!!!!!! We keep our apartment spotless clean and no matter what we do, we still have ants and roaches. It's terrible!!!!!! The exterminator only comes out once a month so if we have a problem we have to go out and buy our own products which never work! I have young children and its terrible when I find ants in their beds and on their clothes. The ants are much worse than the roaches but neither should be here! The day after we signed the lease we went inside and there were ants all over the kitchen floor, this is before we moved any of our things in. I had previously come to see the apartment and everything looked good. The ants come into our apartment through the windows, doors, and bathtub (which is crazy)!!! If you can deal with this madness then its the perfect place for you to live.. Otherwise choose a better place to live!! Don't spend your… See More>
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          I am so pissed right now that I dont know what to do with myself. I moved to Waverton Place almost three years ago. It was nice and quiet then, but now I cant stand to live here. I am looking for another place to live. I pay my rent on time and have never been late. I had an issue with termites last year in my master bedroom and they are back again. Last time I had to wait three days until the "Pest Control" people could come out to take care of the problem. Now, the termites are back again in the same wall in my master bedroom. There is a hole in my wall and I can see the termites in the hole. So I call management to tell them what was going on and the lady tells me that "Pest control comes out every 2nd thursday of the month and we can let them know about the problem." ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! So I have to wait until April before this problem can be taken care of. NOT!! Then she states "well we can send maintenance to come take care… See More>
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            Resident 2010 - 2011


            If your white dont move here

            I have found that the apt. manager seems to have two sets of rules. One for white and one for black. My dog seems to be the mysterious pooper. I dont have the only dog but I get blamed for poop that cant come out of my dog without pain. When I was hurt I was told I wasn't supposed to be walking my dog on the other side of the complex anyway. And they are not responsible for any injuries not going from my front door to my car. which is an out right lie. My bathtub took 5 days to fix. its my only tub. Sink baths not fun. Condoms found everywhere ewwwwww.. Drunks asking for lights to burn down buildings. Teenage gangs terrorizing elderly people brave ones aren't they?

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              Resident 2006 - 2010


              If you have kids and care about them, don't live here.

              My family and I lived here for 4 years and we progressively seen this complex get worse and worse. The teenagers are out of control. There's too many parents living in this complex that don't give a *** about what their kids are doing. I couldn't even allow my child to play at the playground, because of the smoking (and I'm not talking about cigarettes) and other behaviors that went on there. There were huge gang fights between neighborhoods that the police did not appropriately respond to. I'd come home to people smoking right in front of my door every night (again, I'm not talking about cigarettes). My car was damaged from the kids playing and messing with the cars, which I caught them doing to other people's cars, but unfortunately I couldn't prove that they did it to my car. The management refuses to get tighter security throughout the year. They only bring out the security during the summer months. The rest of the year, you're just screwed and have to put up with all of this crap.

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                Resident 2004 - 2009


                I would move back in, no problem!

                I lived there from 11/04-11/09. The only reason I moved out is because of MY choice, due to finances (saving more money). All of the staff was wonderful and treated me with great respect. When I had a problem and/or situation to be dealt with, they ALWAYS were very prompt in fixing it, if they could. I greatly enjoyed working out in the workout room. The section of the community I resided in was very peaceful and quiet, overall. I want to say thank you, especially to Penny, Dorothy, and the maintenance crew. You all were awesome!

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                  Resident 2009


                  One word ROACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOTTT MOVE HERE!!!!!!

                  We just moved here from Baltimore and we will never ever renew the lease here. The first day we moved in after signing the lease we were welcomed by a mother roach and her roach child.And ever since we have seen at least 50 roaches a day the whole building is infested we called the exterminator every week. Then a neighbor bombed her place so that doubled our roaches. Then there are cracks in the base of the windows so ants would come in. Then we had an elephant that lived over use stomp stomp stomp with every step and dont think we gave her her nick name the rude apartment staff did that. Now the maintenence how rude they knock once and barge right in!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the windows again guess what when it rains rain comes in also and then mold appears!!!!!!!!!! There was a new lady in the office nice at first after she got trained she was just as rude as the rest.." WHAT'S YOUR APT" "WE DON'T DO THIS WE DONT DO THAT" "BLAH BLAH BLAH"

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                    Resident 2009


                    sorry --- parents

                    When I first moved in here it was OK. Not a lot of noise or foolishness,and that's a good thing for predominantly black neighborhood....but 7 months into my lease and all hell breaks loose. KIDS,KIDS,KIDS,KIDS,KIDS LITTLE KIDS BIG KIDS SKINNY KIDS KIDS THAT CLIMB ON ROCKS TEENAGERS PRE-TEENS... You get where I'm going with this. Dont get it twisted though I have kids too. But these children just run wild,running up and the stairs,running thru the hallways,sitting all on your car,playing football in the street..but we have huge field for them to play In but they rather play next to your car,so when they throw the ball to someone who cant catch for S%#* you get all kinds of lovely dings,scratches,dents,broken windows,tail/headlights to repair with your own money!!! isnt that fantastic!! And lets not forget when they all decide to use the stair case as a park bench, so when my family and I have to bring up a F%$#load of groceries I have to verbally tell these demons to get out of the way. Cause they dont seem to understand that i cant fly up to my apartment. Now we as black people shouldnt say things like this about… See More>
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                      prospectiveVisited 2009


                      very, very rude just looked at an apartment, was told i need some paperwork from my job to meet some requirements, came back an hour later and was told the apartment had been taken, asked if i could see one of the other apartments and was just told no. rediculous.

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                        prospectiveVisited 2008 - 2009


                        hell no this place is ----ed

                        Very very rude staff. Im so glad that im moving in 10 days. If u get the apartment in building 5010 waverton ct apt k resquest no. The ----- downstairs will get u evicted she wants it quiet @ 11 pm meaning no walking around your apt. She will tell the rent office that ur noisey and they will evict u. Luckly I stayed for my year but they wouldn't renew the lease lol who gives a fack I got a better blessing comming to me waverton a new apt and nice neighborhood. Don't think about renting there because they are fackin rude and believe everything another person tells them about u.

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                          prospectiveVisited 2009


                          shauntay office personel


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                            Resident 2004 - 2009


                            Rude and nosiey

                            Ive been with Waverton place for about 5 years now. The first 2 years the management was completely different they were very nice. I'm a manager myself and i never had to deal with such rude people they called a management team. I finally found a new townhouse, Waverton place needs to find new management maybe they can fill the place up! I dread going into that office! Something needs to be done!

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                              Resident 2008 - 2009


                              If you like roaches and rude office staff

                              I have live here for 3 months and every month I have roaches!!! The Assistant Manager is extremely rude!!! Doesn't like listening or help with your problem. I have my place sprayed every month AND I spray;however, head maintenance is really nice and helpful. DO NOT rent the older models unless you want this problem too.

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                                Resident 2003 - 2007


                                Wonderful Neighborhood

                                I lived at Waverton Place for 4-years, and I had no problems with the neighborhood. The parking was convenient, the maintanence men were consisted & proficient, my apartment was beautiful, spacious, & I loved the baloncy. My neighbors did not bother me, it's a place were everyone stays to themself in my opinion. When I stayed there from 2003-2007, I stayed on the old renovated side, it was quiet you may see a police car once every two months. However, the teenages are another issue, they gather at the park & make lots of noise & the trash disposal is in one central location, so put on your walking shoes!

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                                  Resident 2008


                                  find somewhere else to live

                                  I am a former tenant, and this is a decent place for the price, however, if you have any dignity, i would not live here. The people in the office are rude, empathetic, and unprofessional. I guess since this is subsidized housing and there is a waitlist to get in, they feel as if they can treat and speak to people any way they want. if you can find somewhere else to go, then do so. These people don't give a rats butt about you.

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                                    prospectiveVisited 2007


                                    Waverton Apartments

                                    I was thoroughly disgusted with the extremely rude and unprofessional management at waverton place. Not only were we misinformed by one of their agents, which caused us a considerable amount of trouble, but when we returned the following business day to correct the problem, the same agent had shredded our application over the weekend. When the manager was informed of this she literally laughed in our faces and told us we must start from scratch. When we informed her of the difficulty of getting all the applicants together out from our busy schedules, she offered no help or apology. The staff is extremely unprofessional, uncaring, and rude.

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                                      Resident 2006 - 2007


                                      alright for the price

                                      I have lived here for almost a year and it is a pretty quiet neighborhood. the police however are starting to patrol more often. depending on what side you live on, the 1 dumpster is a car ride away,,,,,,not in walking distance. I have noticed strange animals like foxes, possums, lizards and snakes in the community. I have also noticed a few waterbugs hanging on and around doors because of the mulch used on the property, maintenance does their job okay, I have had backed up toilet, sinks, a wasp nest, and terrible plumbing. for the most part it was taking care of. The rules are good and bad. you can onlu pay rent on the 1st, there is no 5 day grace period. if you pay after the 1st, they tack on 50 dollars, which you have 5 days to pay or you will be evicted. you can only be late on rent 3 or 4 times er year or you are not eligible to renew your lease. There is an inspection every year and you must get recertified.

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                                        Resident 2006 - 2007


                                        decent place to live for the price

                                        If you can get in here after being waitlisted, this is a great place to live for the price. The people who work in the office arent't the nicest, and you don't have a 5 day grace period to pay the rent like most places, but its kept it pretty well, and they attend to maintanence request in a timely manner. There are plenty of rules regarding loitering, trash, and underage kids being outside and so forth, which can be both good and bad, but if you are not quite ready to buy a home just yet, Waverton place is the next best thing for the price.

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                                          1 Bedroom

                                          1 Bed / 1 Bath

                                          1 Bed, 1 Bath | 782 sq. ft.


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                                          2 Bedrooms

                                          2 Bed / 1 Bath

                                          2 Beds, 1 Bath | 913 sq. ft.


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                                          2 Bed / 2 Bath

                                          2 Beds, 2 Baths | 950 sq. ft.


                                          1 Available Unit

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                                          Features & Amenities

                                          • Laundry On-Site
                                          • Uncovered Parking
                                          • Cats Allowed
                                            Fee: $300. Rent: $40. Pet Limit: 2. Comments: Waverton Chesapeake allows up to 2 pets per household.
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                                          • Dogs Allowed
                                            Fee: $300. Rent: $40. Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.. Pet Limit: 2. Comments: Waverton Chesapeake allows up to 2 pets per household. Please contact the rental office for details.
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                                          • Community Center
                                          • Fitness Center
                                          • Pool
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                                          When looking for a place to call home, it's vitally important to live somewhere that is comfortable and elegant while being affordable and convenient. Waverton Chesapeake offers that and so much more! Our spacious one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment homes feature a private patio or balcony, in addition to extra storage space, and modern appliances. The beautifully landscaped grounds augment the clubhouse with its fitness center and relaxing pool. Along with our tremendous customer service and on-site maintenance, you will feel right at home. Just minutes from downtown Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Norfolk, these Hampton Roads, VA apartments are ideally located for your lifestyle.
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                                          Office Hours

                                          • Sunday: Closed
                                          • Monday - Friday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
                                          • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM
                                          This community is managed by

                                          SL Nusbaum


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                                          Based on 105 number of votes by renters, Waverton Chesapeake is currently rated 3.3 out of 5 stars.
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                                          Waverton Chesapeake is rated 3.1/5 stars in our renters maintenance survey, which is considered below average. The maintenance team is often slow to respond and does not always fully resolve issues.
                                          Waverton Chesapeake is rated 2.8/5 stars in our renters noise survey, which is considered poor. The noise level is consistently loud and disruptive, making it difficult to live in the complex.
                                          Waverton Chesapeake is rated 2.3/5 stars in our renters safety survey, which is considered poor. The complex is very unsafe and poses serious risks to residents.
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                                          Waverton Chesapeake is rated 2.9/5 stars in our renters staff survey, which is considered poor. The staff is unresponsive and unhelpful, making it difficult to live in the complex.
                                          Managers have responded to 100% of their community reviews in the past year.
                                          Managers have replied within 5.5 days to their community reviews in the past year.
                                          SL Nusbaum
                                          Cats Allowed
                                          Fee: $300
                                          Rent: $40
                                          Pet Limit: 2
                                          Comments: Waverton Chesapeake allows up to 2 pets per household.
                                          Dogs Allowed
                                          Fee: $300
                                          Rent: $40
                                          Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.
                                          Pet Limit: 2
                                          Comments: Waverton Chesapeake allows up to 2 pets per household. Please contact the rental office for details.
                                          1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                          2 Beds, 1 Bath
                                          2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                          3 Beds, 1.5 Baths
                                          3 Beds, 2 Baths

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                                          Waverton Chesapeake

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                                          Waverton Chesapeake is a 782 - 1,162 sq. ft. apartment in Chesapeake in zip code 23324. This community has a 1 - 3 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,015. Nearby cities include Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, and Hampton.

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