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Woodhaven Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1997 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2006
Regarding the below comments, I feel they are laughable. This site is made to make your kind of people feel better about yourselves, a bunch a damn complainers, no wonder they treat you bad, sounds like you deserve it, I've been here 9 years, I have gone through death, loss of work, upgrades needed, several maintenance staff, office staff, and honestly, you all are horrible judgemental people. Ever heard the term "doing the best they can do", given what the company who owns the buildings gives them to deal with. Its probably not easy. Especially with a bunch of complainers such as yourselves, call the local police before you move in (safety), I would bet every penny I have you all are the problem causers, every drank to much, every partied to much, no not you all. Although, you would get a clear report, I dare you to try it. There is no crime here, anywhere you go someone could break into your car, now thats the complexes fault, someone can walk through the complex, what do you expect. Move out, I bet they wish you people would move out...It would be a blessing, you know who generally complains, PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THINGS WRONG. Its a review and you are entitled to your opinion. Call the corporate office, the number is 9496600677, let them know all the problems you are having, people cant fix things they dont know about, then maybe you will get your wishes. But my bet is when you move out you wont be missed, because there will be a troublemaker in behind you, and the staff will push them out as well. My best wishes to the staff here, I know you do your best. Keep it up.
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Woodhaven Apartments

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