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Arbor Lake Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN DO NOT MOVE HERE! I've only been here not even a full 2 months, and while I was walking to my car a couple of mornings ago to take my daughter to her babysitter's so I can go to work, one of the stray cats that the man across from me has decided to make his pet (which he isn't being charged for like the leasing staff told me tenants would be if they're caught feeding/taking care of them) shot from underneath my car and came straight for my 3 yr. old child! I had to kick it in the face before it got to her! I decided to go over the managers in the leasing office, and contact the actual company becuase every time I've had an issue with my apartment, and went to them, ------- has been so rude and not helpful with a bunch of lies and excuses, and James just nothing, but excuses though he has been willing to help and fix issues. I call the company and tell them what happened and yesterday received a call from ------- upset, because I called her "regional manager" and he's just a "middle man" and won't do anything, but call her and tell her to fix the problem...THEN FIX IT! Mind you she ends up hanging up in my face too! Some manager right?! She went and talked badly about me to the cat man and told him I'd basically have to deal with the cats. Deal with aggressive cats coming for children?! No parent should ever have to deal with that! Then, they come into my house without notification of me knowing, and I get home and there's a notice on my door stating I have an unauthorized occupant living with me, so my lease will be terminated in 30 days. My fiance's here visiting from a different state so of course some of his things are going to be in my apartment! But I'd rather "deal" with that. They're honestly doing me a favor! In this short time I've had my refrigerator replaced due to it leaking and then freezing and spoiling my food, and a horrible pest problem that before someone came out was I told to buy my own bug spray. Then I killed a black widow (poisonous spider) in my room, told them and was told that it couldn't have been a black widow because they're not "native to the Chester area" which is a lie! They're throughout Virginia! They care more about the appearance of the complex than they do their tenants and their safety!
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Arbor Lake Apartments

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