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Grand Oaks Apartment Homes



Resident · 2006 - 2008
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
These apartments look very nice, but when you get down to it, they really are just a new model of the same old apartments you'd find anywhere. The construction of these apartments are horrible. We have uneven floors, the carpet does not reach the wall completely, screws showing through the walls, the window screens are flimsy and can be simply flicked out of the window. The front door leaks air, so either your heating or cooling will be wasted. The walls are paper thin and you can hear your neighbors. We have mold on windows, our floor/backdoor have had mold from rain coming through the back door. The maint. is very good about coming and checking on things, however. Kids run amok, ride their skateboards until midnight outside the apartments, groups of older children loudly shout and cuss while playing basketball in the cull de sac. Some of the children have pulled apart retaining walls and thrown the bricks everywhere. The grass is always long and unkept. Even when they do mow, it's still horrible and uneven. Rent keeps going up, up, up. The pool has ridiculous hours and makes you pay for visitors to use it. The computers in the office are often down and don't work. You can't use the clubhouse for functions. There aren't enough visitor spots for friends to come and visit, unless they want to walk all the way to the office. They only have 1 trash compactor for the entire place, and it often fills to the top and everyone throws their garbage all over the front. It smells horrible and it's a huge eyesore. There are cats that run rampant. I had a neighbor that fed all the strays in our area and when we told the office, they said they could do nothing for us. We even had kittens born in front of our apartment. The office staff does not know what is going on. You have to get a hold of the actual manager, although she is very hard to get a hold of. Our building hasn't had comcast out to do the 9-1-1 box (I have no idea what that even means) but they basically told us that we couldn't have a phone through comcast here. We just use our cellphones. They do have a washer and dryer hookup here, in the 2 bedrooms, its an actual laundry room which is wonderful, but in the townhouse, it's in a closet and when you open the doors, it blocks 2 bedrooms shut. The floors are so uneven, that even new washers/dryers clank from the un-eveness. They have vaulted ceilings, and spacious layouts, but beyond that, these apartments aren't anything special. It's what I'd expect from apartment life in general anywhere. I've never lived anywhere that I've loved. Definitely time to shop for a house.
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Grand Oaks Apartment Homes

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