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Grand Oaks Apartment Homes



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I know some people are made to believe that the reviews are useless or only written by tenants that were evicted, but do not believe it. I am a current tenant. When I first met the management (looking at the apartments) they were sooo friendly. After I signed the lease it is a whole different story. The Manager thinks she is all that and her sidekick Tim comes across as Mr. Nice guy at first, but they both eventually show their true colors. As I write this the grounds have not been cut in two weeks and the trash thrown around our area is awful. This place is beginning to show signs of being ------ and the management is more than useless. We have called about cars with no stickers only to be given the run around. The trash compactor is an eyesore, especially on Sunday nights. All of the equipment in the exercise room is broke (although they neglected to tell us that) before we signed the lease. Now that the pool is open and this is the first day, many rules are already being broken. There were several kids there today with no adult supervision. One young boy, who is my neighbor had his 15 year old cousin watching him. There was food in the pool area although the rules say no food or drink in pool area. The funny thing is they allow smoking (which is nasty and hazordous) if people throw their cigarettes down. Property is only as good as the management team. It is starting to look like some of the other reviews were right on target. Seems they just want the $$$ and take no pride in their property. I will admit, they fooled us and we are stuck here for at least another year. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, Shame on ME.
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