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Grand Oaks Apartment Homes



Resident · 2012
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Awful awful awful. The kids are BAD, RUDE, and there is NO supervision. Stray cats everywhere, however the stray cats aren't half as bad as the people who live here. The people here have turned this complex into a ------. Trash everywhere, to include USED condoms that I have found on numerous occasions laying on the parking lot pavement and grass (shocked that I haven't found a busted crackpipe yet).. People hanging out on the street corners all night long, including "mothers" with their baby strollers hanging out on the corner. Not peaceful at all.. It's 11pm now and there's a woman outside with three toddlers running around in the street screaming right now as I'm typing this review, along with at LEAST 20 people standing on the corner. If you like living around ------/trailer park trash, then this would be the place for you. My lease ends in 6 months, but I'm probably going to terminate it early just to get out of this noisy, trashy neighborhood. Management is alright, but I guess they can care less about these issues. The apartments inside are big and look nice, but the walls are waaaay too thin! All the ------ drama outside sounds like its in your living room because the walls are so thin. It's such a shame because this place wouldn't be so bad if the people that live here weren't as rude, inconsiderate, and trashy.
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Grand Oaks Apartment Homes

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