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River Forest Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
People of the leasing office are pretty cordial and nice, even they try to help the residents. However everything falls apart due to the top management of "River Forest Apartment". 1.All the trash related issues are real and it happens quiet frequently. Even we witnessed the same. it's extra burden for the maintenance team to clean the trash from the ground. It's in the same state in 2015 as it was on the 1st review made by other residents. 2.They took us to the community tour while renting the apartment, now they are taking away the gym facility (Free weight), Barbell etc. Side cover of the elliptical is open since we moved in (A Major Safety Issue, that too for 6 months). All equipment are so old, even the equipment maintenance people couldn't get a spare even in 6 months...(enclosed picture) 3.They will charge extra dollars for the facility, but they won't maintain neither they replace. They can't even protect their own facility, all the free-weights are stolen gradually. Tired of making complain, so this review. When pushed too much about the gym, they took away Free-Weights without even a notice as part of courtesy. You can get better town homes in near vicinity or apartment with much lesser price, if don't get caught in to the facilities/amenity........(so called, as per the agreement, you can't break the lease with reason of amenity. They can take out/close anything at anytime without any prior notice. So can't do much, even though we are paying for it !!!) People expects addition of Value (More amenity, feature etc) being part of a big community for long term leaser, but here it's just opposite. However, i must accept that Maintenance people, Leasing office personnel are real nice. Corporate don't support them i guess otherwise it would have been a nice place. PS: Posted all the pics, but for some reason, none of the pictures are appearing on the review. 4 out of 10 Free weights left as on 30-Mar-2015. Dec 2014-Mar 2015 (6 Pairs were stolen) - Link below http://s6.postimg.org/4rv0gl2s1/4_out_of_10_Pairs_left_as_on_30_Mar_2015.jpg After complaining to different level, now all the weights have been taken out. (Link below) http://s6.postimg.org/j9s7oku35/Free_weights_are_gone_as_on_10_Apr_2015.jpg Side cover of the elliptical is open since we moved in (Almost 6 months) (Link below) http://s6.postimg.org/mfctescpd/Elliptical_cover_open_as_on_10_Apr_2015.jpg
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River Forest Apartments Manager


I certainly understand your disappointment. We are continuously evaluating the amenities we offer and may make additions in the future. Please feel free to reach out the Leasing Office with any additional concerns.

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River Forest Apartments

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