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River Forest Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
My husband and I moved it at the beginning of March after going on a tour in December 2014. We were in love with the high ceilings, the great landscaping, and the kindness and professional attitudes of the office employees, so we made the jump, reserved an apartment and moved in. My dishwasher broke not too long after we moved in and they made every effort to fix it (and they did. Dishwasher is great now!). Something about the handle broke and made it not run. No biggie, they fixed it. We haven't really had any issues and we've lived here for two and a half months at this point. Some notes: -There are places in the floor of our apartment where, if you step on them, the floor creaks in a weird way. They're like dips that you can't see, but you can feel. Doesn't really bother us, but I thought it was worth mentioning. -Some of the neighbors can be less than desirable. At 3am one night, a woman got into a fight in the parking lot with a friend/boyfriend/something and it turned into a large yelling match. No idea what apartment she lived in, but I'd have reported her otherwise. The nice, friendly neighbors greatly outweigh the bad. I've enjoyed everyone I've met personally. -The kids can get incredibly loud during the day. It's an apartment community and I experienced this in the last apartment I was in (different community) too. On rainy days or when it's really cold, though, the community is really quiet. Everyone is really respectful of the 9pm quiet time thing, so it's quiet at night (save the thing I mentioned in the last point). -Our door is raised about half an inch off the ground. It looks like they tried to fix it with a door sweep, but light, sound, and air escape and enter the apartment because of it. This I'm getting ready to put in a request to fix because after they pressure washed the hallways, water came up under my door and I had to clean it up. -Aside from the door thing, they PRESSURE WASH THE HALLWAYS! This is great! As soon as the bugs started moving in, they got rid of them reallllly fast. I was very happy about this! -The grounds are beautiful. I've heard about the trash thing and I've seen the pictures on here, but I don't live near the trash dumpster, so I've never seen it get bad or be bad in any way. I do wish, however, that there was another dumpster or perhaps two more (like the mailboxes) because if the one we have IS getting overfilled, how long until we can't drop our trash off? Same with the cardboard compactor thing. -I thought the price of the apartments was pretty good, considering that the place doesn't feel like it's about to fall down. My husband and I chose to pay the extra hundred dollars, rather than rent a place down the rode because this place looked and felt nicer. The apartments are larger and the floor plans are set up how we like them (we have an option like the one we have, or a split two bedroom, which we were considering when we thought we might get a roommate.). The one bedrooms are pretty affordable, too. We have a friend who plans on moving here sometime within the year. Sure, the apartments aren't the cheapest, but we were willing to pay more for a more updated kitchen, washers/dryers, and a kept up with community. -Half the people who live here that drive, park like absolute crap. They're sometimes IN THE NEXT parking space, which limits where my husband can park when he gets home. Yes, sometimes it's THAT bad. However, there's enough parking that there's always a place, it's just sometimes not in front of our building. It's never really too far, either, it's just kind of a minor annoyance. It's also not something the employees here can do much about. Ultimately, I love it here. I only took away a star because when people talk in the hallways or go up and down the stairs (we're on the third floor and we can hear people on the first) we can hear them as if our door is open. This means that if people are loud out in the parking lot, we can hear them, too. I suspect it's because the door is raised more than it should be and I'll amend the star when my door gets fixed, but it really shouldn't have been a problem to begin with. The walls are sturdy and I've never heard my neighbors while they're IN their apartments, it's when they're leaving or coming home. It's not their fault, either, it's just the echoing of noise in the hallways. I'm hoping that getting the door fixed will fix the problem. We don't really use the gym or the pool (or haven't yet at least), so we don't have an opinion one way or another about them. We didn't move here for those things, but they're nice things to have. There's also an American Family Fitness right up the road, which I have a membership to, so I'll likely never have a reason to care about the gym. The pool, though, always seems like it's taken care of, so if we decide to go down there, I imagine that'll be fine. I haven't really seen any bugs in my apartment, either, but it's just now heating up. I plan on updating this review throughout our lease and end it with whether we decide to renew ours again or not. Right now, we plan on being here for a while. c:
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