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Princeton Woods Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2009
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Office Staff
We were residents there for 5 years. I would never reccomend this apartment complex to anyone. It looks good on the outside during. But that all is sugar coating. Once you move in you will see what I mean. Over by the playground on dry powder it's very common to see hookers coming in out of cars over there. There is also lots of drug deals going on too. About a year ago there was a gang shoot out that happened along the back by the woods in Allerton Ct. There was several bullet holes in the town homes by the pool. A year before that there was also a murder in parking lot in Allerton ct. A party had gone bad and some one took a machete to several people. The leasing office to this day acts like it never happened. Call the police they will tell you. There also was several cars broken into at least once a month. A couple of them happened right next to the police cars that were parked there. Some of the nieghbors are friendly but all are very noisy. Most playing their music really loud until early in the morn. Plus there is a tow truck driver that comes and goes out of the parking lot all night long. It's a constance noise of the loud running engine as he sits there all night idling and backing up sensors going off whenever he comes back. ( lots of loud high pitch beeps). There is also a poor house behind the allerton Ct apts which have parties with music loud enough that the windows in the apts rattle. The police have been called several times. And with all the stuff above The leasing office staff does nothing if you complain. We have just moved out and that's another nightmare in it's self. Be prepared what ever deposit you give them you won't get back. They have made up false charges of things that were damaged that weren't. I've been fighting with them for a month even call Vista Capital Management. They won't do anything. They say it's up to the property manager what charges and established. I have been on the phone several times trying to get a itemized list of charges with replacement costs on them. Surprise surprise I still have yet to receive anything. The property manager is very rude and unreasonable. And the other staff members are very untruthful. We have learned our lesson request everything in writing from this company. When ever you speak to them about anything ask that they write it down so you have proof. The entire staff either has memory problems or are very untruthful.
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Princeton Woods Apartments

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