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bubba120212 • Resident 2011 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2013
You will receive only an honest review from me as that is the only way I know how to do things. I have been living here for two and a half years. I have many pros to speak of and only a few cons. Lets begin with the pros. For starters, this is one of the least expensive places to live. Notice I said least expensive, not cheapest. Cheap would indicate that things are not up to par when you move in. No, there are not hard wood floors, or panda fur carpet. They are normal floors and simple carpet. Remember, its an apartment, not a room at the Ritz. But the floors and the carpet are perfectly up to par when you move in. I laugh when I see that people talk about the carpet is all torn up and the floors are crap. They are not like that in the beginning. And remember, every tenant has a walk-through check that they perform when they move in, and if things are not up to par, you document it, and the maintenance staff come and fixes it. Every unit has an updated kitchen with a good stove and fridge. Each unit has a functioning and very serviceable washer and dryer. The washer and dryer in your unit does not require you to walk down stairs and put quarters in the machine. Its in your unit. Pro: The Staff. I have developed a good relationship with the staff. They are friendly and helpful and all around good people. I did not know any of these people before I moved into my apartment, BUT, because I pay my rent on time and am not a prick when I deal with them, they are not pricks when they deal with me. Let me speak on that for just a moment. I was walking up to pay my rent one time and overheard another tenant speaking with the general manager. She was complaining to him that she did not like that she received a "notice for failure to pay rent" letter on her door. Seriously? I have never received that notice on my door, but then again, I live in a world where if I sign a contract stating I will pay my rent, then I am going to pay my rent. Why some people cant grasp that I don't know. I feel bad for the staff because they have to deal with people who feel like they can live in a place and not pay to do so. Pro: The care and attention to detail that the staff uses is above and beyond. They take time to get to know the people that live in their community. It is amazing to me that each time I am in the office, I overhear them speak to a tenant and know obscure and odd facts about each person, facts that people could only learn by listening and making an effort to know all individuals who live here. Pro: Parking. Tons of places. Tons of visitor parking. nothing more needs to be said Now, the con: The people I have encountered who live here. Let me explain. I had bugs in my apartment. The bugs were brought in by my downstairs neighbor. They apparently grew up in a landfill and decided not to ever clean. So, they brought in bugs, and the bugs found my place. When I informed the staff, the very next day the exterminator was in my place setting traps and spraying. Spraying, might I add, environmentally safe stuff. I have two cats and did not have to evacuate them when they sprayed. The exterminator came back every week for the next five weeks, spraying and baiting all bugs until they were gone. Then, he returned for the next four weeks to make sure the job was done. All in all, this cost me nothing. This cost my filthy downstairs neighbor nothing as well. I feel like the staff could have and should have made my neighbor pay, but the apartment complex paid the dues. so there you have it, a con that was actually a pro in favor of the complex. Filthy neighbor, helpful staff. Let me hit on something that seems to be recurring on this review site. People who complain that they don't get their deposit back, or only some. In the lease that I signed, it clearly states that when I leave, I need to have the carpets professionally cleaned. It states that the unit must be cleaned before you leave. They even have a service they recommend to clean for you. A service who is by no means expensive. A service who actually refunded some of the check from an old neighbor because the cleaning lady said the house was not in bad shape and she could not justify charging full amount. That full amount was only about $75, and the cleaning service refunded some. Amazing. If the staff recommends using the service, then they will clearly refund your deposit even if the place was not cleaned the best it could have been, because they must stand by their recommendations. Its a shame that we live in a society with people who feel that they can sign a contract stating they will leave their place clean, but leave the place looking like crap when they leave and still have the audacity to complain when they don't get their full deposit back. The only flaw is the fire department that is about a mile away. when the trucks come south on Route 1, you can hear the sirens. That's it. When the trucks pass, you cant hear it anymore. Wow. But hey, route 1 is about 300 yards away behind a tree line. Why not go about a half mile up the road to Bainbridge. Those are nice apartments. they are also about 10 yards from route 1. With no trees between you and the road. Bet those fire trucks are pretty dang loud. But hey, if the noise does not bug you, then the $500 more per month rent surly will. I have no vested interest in Virginia Commons. I am actually fixing to move in a month into a house, breaking my lease. However, my time here has been nothing but positive and I have nothing but great things to say about the staff, community and the apartment itself. And, if anyone feels this is just a staff member of the community writing this, I can assure you, its not. My name is John. If you have any questions for me, you are more than welcome to contact the staff and ask how you can get in touch with me. Carmine ( the general manager ) will be able to get us in touch.
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