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Virginia Commons Apartments



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BillCatVCA • Prospective Resident 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 06/13/2011
Hello, I have lived here since 2008 also and I have been very pleased with my choice. I wouldn t have even looked at ApartmentRatings.com but my friend is looking for an apartment in a different area and asked for some assistance. I became curious and decided to go and check out VCA. The most recent reviews are very good and accurate. I would like to address an older post though. I have lived here for years and absolutely disagree with this post. Comments to the Anonymous person who posted Bad Place To Live. I m sure there is a reason they chose to be listed as Anonymous for starters. Well the rent isn t unreasonable for the area and the upgrades that are done to the apartments. A lot of the apartments in the area are tax-credit housing or are not renovated. Now don t think I m saying its run down or something. It s not at all. Dumfries is a quite a few steps up from the Triangle and most parts of Woodbridge. In saying that, it s no Vienna either. It is true that there are no lights in the living room or the bedrooms but to be honest I m glad. I am usually disappointed in the style of them anyway. I would prefer to have lamps that match my style and lighting preferences. When I first moved in I was in a non renovated apartment and it had all old appliances to include the A/C unit. I never had a problem with it. I can say, with certainty, that the unit is not bothersome. I lived on the first floor and it was right outside of my sliding glass door PURE RUBBISH! Yes there have been issues from time to time where dog waste has come up as an issue. The management has addressed them and they become rare for quite awhile. Some of this is from other people walking their dogs in the apartment complex. There has really never been an issue with trash. You will see a piece here and there but it is gone by the next day. This is definitely not an issue. Yes Jefferson Davis Highway is parallel to some of the apartments and you can here emergency vehicles from time to time but this is really not an issue. I would prefer them to be as close as they are. I used to live next to a lady that had some pretty bad health issues. They fire department and ambulances came a least every other week. I never even knew they were there unless I caught their lights. Ah and the maintenance crew. I really think they don t understand that people have lives too. Emergencies are emergencies. I have had a couple over the years and have had no issues. I once had a water heater start leaking on a Saturday night around 11pm. I called the emergency number and Josh the Maintenance Manager came right over. I mean some people s definition of an emergency is a leaky faucet. I even happen to see a lady stop him at the store, while he was with his family, and complain to him that she called the number an hour ago and still nothing is being done. Let me say he handled it very tactfully which I would have not done. The only thing that I can even somewhat agree with Anonymous on is the parking. It all depends on where you live. Where I used to live I would sometimes have to park a few places away from my apartment. This was an annoyance but it wasn t a block away or anything. I have never even had an issue in the new apartment I moved into. To be perfectly honest I would have to say I hope they did move! Like I said I have lived here for many years and have seen a few people, who remind me of Anonymous, that have came into the leasing office yelling and calling them names. Thankfully most of those people are gone. It is usually something that is there fault to begin with Like receiving a letter on their door reminding them to pay their rent because they are a week overdue. Believe me when I say that I am thoroughly pleased with VCA. The leasing office, maintenance, and management staff are all very respectful and take pride in to a good job. If you are considering a place in the area at least stop by and see it.
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Virginia Commons Apartments

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