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robbedofwhatlittleihave • Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2009
This was a great place and I would honestly reccomend it to anyone as far as safety is concerned, HOWEVER they really dissapointed me and set my family back when I moved out due to the commute time and my duties to the Army. I paid a deposit of $250.00 when I moved in and asked a host of questions as to what they would be looking for when it was time to move so that I would be eligible to recieve my entire deposit back. I was reassured that as long as I didnt leave any huge damage to the apartment and re painted if I chose to paint the walls a different color(which i chose not to) than I would definately recieve all of my deposit back. Well with me being a single parent,christmas around the corner and times just being hard for everyone right now, you can imaging my dismay when I recieved only $50 dollars of my deposit back for not having the carpets PROFFESSIONALLY cleaned! The ENTIRE year that I lived there I paid my rent EARLY and I did no damage to the property.So when i was informed my child had to have an unforseen surgery that was not fully covered by my insurance I was really counting on that full refund and certain that I would be getting it. When I called VC to inquire about the $200 charge for carpet cleaning I was told that it stated that in my lease that it must be professionally cleaned. I am more than willing to accept that I may have overlooked that but I cant dispute it because I no longer have a copy of my lease. I do think its VERY wrong however to OVER CHARGE someone when the carpet is very cheap in quality and low maintenance! BERBER Carpet is not worth a $200 cleaning especially in a 2 bedroom apartment when there are specials all around for at least half that price! Just beware that amidst all the smiles they are just like everyone else......TRYNA MAKE A QUICK BUCK FROM A FAITHFUL RENTOR!!!!
Virginia Commons Apartments Manager10/27/2009

While I am very sorry to hear about your personal situation and you were a wonderful tenant during the year, we follow the same security deposit guidelines for every tenant and these are clearly spelled out in your lease. Security Deposit charge items are not a money maker for Virginia Commons. To the extent you follow the guidelines, you get your security deposit back. If you do not follow the guidelines, we have to do the work for you which costs money. With respect to your carpeting, it was either brand new or professionally cleaned before you moved in -- that's what we do for all new tenants. Since you did not clean your carpeting when you moved out, we had to have it professionally cleaned for you.

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