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Wyndham Pointe Apartments



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LoveVA79 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
We moved out the Wyndham Pointe October 05' and stayed the entire duration of our lease. It was definitely a welcome change compared to the projects otherwise known as England Run Apartments. Wyndham Pointe reminded me of what apartment life should be like and how it was like back in NC. Granite, we had some apartment issues, but who doesn't. Fact is, you are never going to satisfy everyone and there are ALWAYS going to be building issues (even when you buy). The only reason why we moved from here is because we bought a home. Staff was great, especially Tracy, she is the best apartment manager I have ever dealt with. When we had issues with our washer destroying our clothes, she reimbursed us and changed out our washer. Anytime we had an issue, maintenance fixed it. As far as the trash being outside the compactor, which was due to the compactor not properly working because someone was not properly disposing of their trash. Now I do wish that they had just kept the dumpsters they strategically placed out in complex when we first moved there, but there is a reason for everything. As far as the pet fee, I agree with them because I remember many times receiving flyers discussing the pet feces issue and how there is a NO TOLERANCE policy for people not picking up behind their dogs. The only time I remember police coming out to our complex was when the front office had a neighborhood pool party for ALL residents and some grouchy and ungrateful resident decided to call for noise disturbance. So overall I would recommend these apartments to someone who is looking for a nice place to stay without any hoodlum activities. Plus they are close to everything.
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Wyndham Pointe Apartments

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