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Archstone Monument Park



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baby8687 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/11/2007
I moved in early November with two others who had been living here about a month and a half. We have still yet to have our names put on the gate so our guests would be able to enter. On the topic of the gate, which is part of our rent/ ameneties fee, it worked for maybe three weeks since I moved in, and has not been active since. This allows other tenants' friends to come and honk outside their buildings obnoxiously(WHICH THEY DO EVERYNIGHT.) <br><br>The maintance staff does come within the 24 hours, however I always select the option where I am supposed to be called first and out of the three visits not once have I recieved a phone call. In addition, the reason I had workers out here so often is because it took them that long to finally fix the same problem.<br><br>The leasing office is horrible to deal with. They are nasty, rude, and do not answer any questions. They were horrible when I tried to move in, and any problems since have been met by a nasty African American woman who talks down to the tennants.<br><br>Parking is impossible unless you want to pay an additional extravagant fee to have a carport or garage. I have many times had to walk all across the apartments, many courtyards. Living here is not worth it, especially after seeing that I should be enticipating a raise in rent when the lease is up.
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Archstone Monument Park

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