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Avalon Mosaic



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
**Updated** So rather than address the noisy tenant, it was insisted that I move to the sixth floor (the highest) so that I would not have to hear her stomping. This move, I was determined to do my due diligence. I went and spoke to the tenant who was currently living in this apartment on the sixth floor. She said there was a loud-music playing jerk living below her who only played music on the weekends. Red flags, alarms, bells, and whistles all went off for me. I confronted the office with this information. They told me that the police had been called, but nothing had been done on the police end. So, I told them I was not interested in being suckered into another terrible living situation here again. However, after a lot of debate the promise of 5 days of sleep vs. NONE pushed me to go ahead and transfer apartments. Lies. All lies. The music isn't just on the weekend. Of course, the leasing office did not handle the issue. I was told first, to send an email so they can document his disturbances. Then, I was told that "maybe this is just how he relaxes". I don't give a care how he relaxes - his relaxing should not disturb ME. Finally, I was told that I should go downstairs and talk to the tenant (illegal). I got fed up and called the corporate office. From the end of december through January 21, the music issue had been minimal. When it got too loud, I could stomp once or twice and the volume would go down. Today (January 24), the resident is being a complete and utter -------. This is the last straw for me. I will update when I get their (lack of) response/solution. Additionally, now in this apartment, I have water coming in through the windows because they were not properly sealed. Again... I want my money back. DON'T LIVE HERE. Some people are happy with the idea of living near so many places (Target, restaurants, Mom's Organic Market, etc...). However, if you require sleep to function at a job/in life, don't live here. The price of living here is high, the quality of the building materials is LOW/CHEAP. WHAT IS THE POINT OF SPENDING LOTS OF $$ ON GRANITE COUNTERTOPS WHEN THE REST OF THE APARTMENT IS CHEAP AS HELL? There is not any insulation between the floors. I live under a mammoth AND I also have to hear people running up and down the halls at all hours. I sleep with earplugs and a white noise machine and I still hear EVERYTHING. The leasing office swears there are QUIET HOURS, but how can there be quiet without anything to help control noise? I'm not talking about controlling people. I am talking about building the apartments so that noise issues are minimized. I know they cannot necessarily be eliminated, but it seems to me they wouldn't want to be bothered with these issues. It's flat out unfair. Thunder-hoofs (the woman living above) moves furniture, throws things in the floor, stomps around, etc... at all hours. SN: I have spoken to her about this once. She supposedly felt ashamed because she experienced these problems where she lived previously. I haven't mentioned it to her since because (a) people suck/never change and (b) the builder should have installed sound-proofing. Unfortunately, when you get the tour here and see the apartments, you have no idea who is living above you. There are those who will say that you should always live on the top floor, but the top floor isn't always available. What people should agree upon is that we should get the most out of our money and for what I'm paying they SHOULD HAVE ADDED SOME INSULATION/SOUND PROOFING BETWEEN THE FLOORS. The sub-floors are wood and the noise just VIBRATES throughout the ceiling of the person below. In addition to the noise issues in this building, people let their pets defecate and urinate in the building, on the elevators, on the grounds... and they don't clean up after them. Smoking is another issue. I haven't had any problems (yet). People smoke in the parking garage where the cars are and just outside the door to the building. Many emails have been sent from the leasing office about this violating the terms of the lease... Anything done about it? NOPE - and cigarettes aren't all that are being smoked. It's just lip service. You sign this complex lease wiht all these different terms that they have no intention of enforcing (eg quiet hours, non-smoking, covering 75% of the floor with rugs, etc...). Another complaint is that whichever contractor did the granite in the apartment, did a poor job. If there is water on the granite (like a cup I just rinsed), it gets darker. It will eventually lighten up once the water is dried out of it. This means it was not sealed properly. Final thought - I will not renew my lease (long time away unfortunately). As a matter of fact, if I could leave now and find some place that is QUIET, I'd move tonight. My biggest complaint is the noise. I think the grounds are gross because people don't clean up after their animals and if I am paying to live in a smoke-free community, it should be smoke-free. Yes, it's close to some places. However, because the staff cannot address the noise issues nor enforce its own policies, I'm rating them low as well.
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