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Avalon Mosaic



Resident · 2014 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Terrible move out experience!! After living there for over a year and a half we chose the option to re-rent our apartment since we had to leave before our lease had ended. After being assured by the leasing office that it would be no problem for them to re rent our apartment considering it's location as well as seeing other apartments fill up within days of being vacated, we thought it would be a good idea. Boy were we wrong, the first thing they hung over our heads was that our carpets needed to be replaced even though we chose the clean sweep option where they are supposed to clean our carpets for us. They said that there was pet urine so they didn't need to try and clean the carpets they could just replace them, but this was after doing the final move out inspection with them in person and they told us that there was no pet urine or any issue with the carpet. I would like to point out that during that move out inspection the maintenance personnel pulled the carpet up to check for that exact thing and he told me everything was good to go. Upon much back and forth with the service department and the leasing office they told us that the only thing we could do was take them to court. The next thing they robbed us of was our payback of accelerated rent. We moved out end of September and gave them over 4 months notice that we were moving out and not once did they try to show our apartment during that period. Then, we asked how we would know the apartment had been rented so we would know when we were no longer responsible for the rent payments on the apartment and they told us to check the website and if it was no longer listed that it had been rented. Our lease ended December 27th, and the apartment was removed from the website as available on the 5th of December, so if my math serves me correctly we should get 22 days of our accelerated rent payment for the month of December back. But wait a minute, the service department is telling me that the apartment was not moved into until the 26th of December... So I call the leasing office and they explain to me that conveniently the apartment was taken off the market because someone had put an application in for it on the 5th but decided to not move in until the 26th (the day before our lease ended, the day after Christmas)....Really... They also explain that they can not control when the person wants to move in and that we are still responsible until those people actually move in...And when I ask how long they will hold an apartment for someone they tell me that it changes and that there is no set time period that they will hold an apartment for. I'm sure you can figure out what the conversation was like between, the now, current tenants and the leasing department during that process. We had a great experience with Avalon until it was time to move out and they held us at gunpoint and robbed us. I normally don't write reviews but this was the worst experience we have ever had with an apartment complex. Hopefully this will at least deter one person from being suckered by these people.
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Avalon Mosaic

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