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Avalon Mosaic



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Avalon mosaic is an ok apartment complex in a nice area. Green space is severely lacking and only getting decreased with new growth. The parking situation is poor at best with continually broken gates and issues with the mosaic district about street side parking. Pros: 1 star for location and that's about it. It's expensive, but you know that going in. I expect modern and sophisticated- deceptively nice but once you get in it's more like Motel 6 living Cons: oh goodness, where to start. Let's start at the least offensive and work our way up. - Quality of the furniture: within days of moving in the cabinate laminates started peeling from boiling water and cooking on the stove - Some of the people who live there are filthy and the leasing office does nothing to correct it. They throw their trash in the respective rooms instead of throwing it down the shoot. There is constantly garbage in the hallways and especially stairwells. I've seen dirty diapers, chicken bones, pizza boxes, joints (this is my favorite, especially walking my dog down the steps). - Leasing office: terrible. unresponsive, forgetful. They often loose my packages (if only for a short amount of time). They give VERY minimal notice for closures during the day. Need a guest pass or an important package? Too bad. They once gave a couple minutes notice that they would be closed the next day! (5:57 email when the office closes at 6) - Garage Parking : $75 for the first spot (waived) and 125 for the second. Supposed to be secure parking. Great except for 3/6 months I've lived here the gate has been broken. An email was sent out letting everyone know cars were being broken into and a motorcycle was stolen and we should "all have appropriate insurance but Mosaic wasn't responsible." If this was on-street I agree. I pay for secure parking and this is what I get?!?! Let's not even get to the fact that if you are below the 4th floor, forget finding parking on your level after 6pm. Oh, and they told us we should "attend events and get to know our neighbors." 2 problems with this- there are 500+ apartments and what events? Are you talking the 1 event that you gave 2 hours notice on where it was just the local fitness places coming in.
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Avalon Mosaic

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