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Circle Towers Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/11/2005
Circle Towers sucks..., we moved in here three years ago and we thought it was a nice place to live, I mean hey the price and locationw as just right, but then things got so bad. I mean the security sucks, I can't go out without being scared that I'm going to be robbed. There's barely light outside and abviously there's not police patrolling the area. Besides we all know about the cars that were vandalized, and the robberies with a gun. <br>The elevators is another story, 99% of the time, they are broke. So you probably have to climb up the stairs with your groceries up to the 12th floor, and that's just not right...<br>Fire alarms sometimes are not working, and how are we suppossed to feel safe??? <br>The apartments suck, there's barely AC, but that's because the buildings are damn old. Please do a remodeling. The maintenence people suck, I mean they try to help but thye are rude, and so is the leasing office. Instead of helping you they end up fighting with you. The blonde oldish lady at the office is very rude. <br>The hallways are always stuffy and smelly, they trash room smells so bad and it's so close to the apartments. <br>The garage is just crap, No one should be allowed to see that garage. I mean it would be nice if they fixed it. I dont like to leave my car there because when it rains they water stays there for many days and it smells, and they roof is rusting so be careful where u park your car.<br>In addition to all this Circle Towers has roaches and rats..., seen them..yuck<br>I heard that the reason why they don't feel like "fixing<br>" up Circle Towers is because no one wants to invest in this place and they are going to sell it. If that's their reason I mean we are peaople who still leave here, we should at least be treated like it, not like animals. <br>CIRCLE TOWERS SUCKS...DON'T LIVE HERE!
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Circle Towers Apartments

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