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Fairfax Circle Villa



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I have been here for 6 months. I have had pretty good experience so far all around. The apartment is clean and mostly quiet except for the daily bustle when it's time for the kids to come back from schools, and on weekend evenings when all the kids are outside and playing. The maintenance team is prompt and courteous, and take good care of the property - to the extent that the entire parking lot, with over 300 apartments, has been paved with new asphalt only last month. And... there are no roaches, or any other common house pests that I have seen from living in other places nearby. I find it truly hard to believe that there are as many vacancies as some would want to make believe though, because the parking lots are ALWAYS full of cars at nights, and because there are no marked spots for each apartment, you really have to come in before everybody else does, if you want to park closer to your unit. I know for a fact that overnight parking permit IS mandatory, or the car WILL be towed at owner's expense after midnight. Residents get theirs, as well as their guest, and it is easily obtained with a phone call to their office, if you are not able to show up in person during business hours, and they will work with you. I know that the management rules are strict, and they DO CHECK to see if their rules are being abided by. Maybe that is where some people got mad and wrote some really bad stuff:-/. My opinion is for anyone who needs a place to live to come and see for yourself, as the rooms are of very good size, and you might be just pleasantly surprised!
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Fairfax Circle Villa

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