Penderbrook Square
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Penderbrook Square

3905 Penderbrook Drive, Fairfax, VA 22033
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"I have recently moved in and I have to say this is the best community I have ever lived in" ...
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Resident 2023


Crappy management, loud neighbors

Be warned! You can hear the third floor neighbor if they are the type of person to play loud music and heavy bass all day everyday. No one will address this to resolve the issue. You can complain but nothing will ever get fixed. Absolutely worst place to live for the money you pay. This place is absolute gutter trash. I’ve had to call the cops twice since living here. Do not rent this place! I’ll be leaving at the end of lease. These apartments don’t care about tenants.

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    Resident 2020 - 2022


    It’s a nice place to live overall. Good location. Good parking situation. However, the noise is unbearably loud to the point I will likely need to break my lease. You hear people fighting and police being called, music at all hours especially between 10pm-3am, people screaming at their kids, couples loudly fighting. I asked management and they told me to call the police if it happens. Doesn’t seem like responsible community messaging.

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      Resident 2018 - 2021


      This place used to be amazing to us till they started letting whoever live here! Beware of a indi— couple living in the Pendebrook square condos in the building in front of the mail center/pool! Some of us reported they had about 5 people living in a 1bed 1bath condo! (we know because of the super nice lady who recently left the place). Once most of us got a hold of their landlord and had told him about the situation I believe they had the rest move out. Also they hate kids and are very ignorant. Had to file a assault order due to them trying to open the door forcefully and saying obscene things. Even other neighbors in the building do not like them. We all have complained together to management since they have been an issue so some of us, they complain about everything but have altercations with each other screaming foul things at each other at whatever time of day. Penderbrook please be more considerate of the children and peaceful non problematic people that have been living here for years. Consider a criminal background check for those crazy people and refrences from prior places they have lived… See More>
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        Resident 2021


        When it comes to peace of mind, that's only for the homeowner not for the apartment/condos at PenderBrook Square. Moreover the management is illiterate and non professional and not easy to reach to and send poor responses for your concerns. I have noisy upstair neighbors who start making noises as early as 5:30 AM till late in the night. I have to go to my car to get some peace of mind. It feels absolutely rubbish to pay rent for the apartment and find excuses to remain out of it because of your ------ neighbors and u have done everything you could. Just don't come here to save a couple hundred dollarsbor by looking at golf course or other surrounding amenities. They are not for you. You can still see them without renting here. You will end up burning peace of your mind.

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          Resident 2011 - 2013


          I've been living in Penderbrook for a almost 3 years now. The neighborhood is pretty nice and the unit isn't bad either. The problem is, the apartment was definitely built as cheaply as they could. My main issue with it is the insulation (gets pretty cold in winter and hot in summer) and more importantly the soundproofing, which seems to be nonexistent. I can basically hear my upstairs neighbor's cellphone vibrate and my downstairs neighbor snore, and I am not kidding! When you're in your bed at night, you'll hear them talk, and even if they aren't being particularly loud, you basically won't be able to sleep. Needless to say, this can quickly turn into hell.... Don't be fooled by the outside appearance of the neighborhood and the units, you'll regret it if you move it. Stay away!!!!

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            Resident 2012


            Nice, but poorly constructed

            The Penderbrook Square condos have been almost completely renovated. There are some nice improvements; however, anything the management company chose not to improve is probably almost 30 years old. It is a nice community, but the construction of the buildings is terrible! There is no insulation in the walls between units. As a result, our neighbor smokes, and we had smoke coming in through the unfilled areas around the pipes in bathroom and another panel used to access the water turn-off. We had to seal both of those areas so that all of our furniture and clothing doesn't smell like smoke. There is also no insulation in the floors/ceilings between units. And the genius who decided to put in hardwoods has clearly never lived in a condo. You can hear every single step your upstairs neighbor takes on the hardwoods, which cover everything but the bedrooms and bathrooms. The corners that were cut to turn apartments into condos makes the long-term value here very low for owners!

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              Resident 2011


              Excellent maintenance

              I am new to Penderbrook, but my fiance was one of the first buyers. I adore their services, personnel, maintenance and security. I am impressed with the community and the neighbors. I could not be more happy here. I have heard unpleasant things about the board, but have no first hand info about that, so I will reserve judgment. On the whole I think it is a wonderful place and would recommend it to anyone.

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                prospectiveVisited 2003 - 2009


                They have no curtsey at all.

                I have lived here for over six years, I was almost leaving but the last month they raised my rent and ask me leave the same month to sell the place even though they have plenty of them. I told them that I need two more month to stay. But they dont care no matter how much they made it from you. So you have to think few time to rent here. Office people are not friendly only upfri=ont they look nice but not at your back.

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                  Resident 2010 - 2011


                  Obviously don't care about tenants.

                  I don't know if maybe when they see tenants all they see are dollar signs or what, but the second you sign the lease you no longer matter whatsoever to these people. My fridge likes to freeze things one day and not be cold enough the next. When I contacted the rental office about this, they told me to go online and contact maintenance, there wasn't anything they could do about it. So I jump through whatever hoops they ask of me, fill this out wait a few days, fill it out again, wait a few more days finally I get a phone call. The next day a man comes out to look at the fridge and says it's working fine and then proceeds to show me how to adjust the temperature of the fridge. Cause the "left is cold, right is warmer" written on the dial was far too advance for me. If that wasn't enough, my water heater had to be replaced as well, and when the guy showed up to replace it I was amazed one man could carry a water heater up two flights of stairs by himself (which is what I told him). The maintenance… See More>
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                    Resident 2010 - 2011


                    Horrible, Would never let anyone I love live here

                    I have had the unfortunate "privilege" of living at Penderbrook Square for almost a year. The appliances are literally older than I am. The electric stove has caught fire numerous times, and not even from food drippings on the burner, the wires inside the stove actually caught on fire. My dishwasher has rust inside of it. I have electrical outlets that no longer work at all, which to be honest scares me. The neighborhood may look nice in the middle of the day, but the amount of police cars that drive through at night proves otherwise. I order a lot from amazon and the guy who delivers in the neighborhood actually called me to make sure I was home because there had been so many thefts of packages in the complex. I was changing the oil in my car, literally directly in front of my car and heard some rustling noises so I stood up. What did I see, three grown men looking through my trunk, who all of course ran the second they saw I was there. There are some kind of bugs swarming on the outside of my building and even though I have called and complained almost… See More>
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                      Resident 2009 - 2010


                      It's okay

                      I have lived here at Penderbrook Square in Fairfax, VA for about 9 months now. The apartment is quaint, and the fire place is really nice but that's about it. Within 3 weeks of living here my washing machine broke, it was repaired rather quickly (which you find is a pattern), then about two months ago my hot water heater broke and was replaced within 3 days which was nice, the guy who was sent to fix it showed up 4 hours late though. A week ago my dryer broke, it has not been fixed yet, the maintenance guys (who work for a third party hired by Comstock Homes). The only person who works in the actual rental office that was even remotely polite was the man who sold us the apartment. The other people I've unfortunately had to talk to have been extremely rude. There are specks of spray paint on the exterior of all windows and the sliding glass door. Please if anyone actually reads this DO NOT RENT FROM COMSTOCK HOMES.

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                        Resident 2009 - 2010


                        Great Community

                        I have lived at Penderbrooke Square for the past year. I just moved out because I got married and needed a bigger place. I was renting an older unit that had not been renovated yet (I believe they are in the process of renovating and then selling the apartments as condos). The renovated condos are beautiful. Although my apartment was old, it was fine, especially considering the price. When we first moved in, there were some issues, but they were handled immediately. I never had to wait for maintenance. The ammenities in this community are great. In addition to the pool and gym by the sales center, you also have access to the golf course, community center, second pool, second gym, and tennis courts. I felt very safe here and never really had any major issues. There is a ton of parking. I have never had an issue with friends finding a place to park. as a matter of fact, they all were able to park next to my building. This is not the case in most places in Fairfax. I would recommend living here to anyone, but get a renovated condo if you can. They are far superior to… See More>
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                          Resident 2010


                          It's okay here

                          It's a very nice place but ever since Tim left the management hasn't been the same, not only that if something breaks lets say the AC or the toilet is clogged and you have only 1 you have to fix it yourself, they told us that we are responsible for anything that needs to be fixed. All of a sudden this seems like we are owners and we only rent. We pay soooooooooooooo much and it's not worth it and not to say that the new management lets anyone move in because that's all they way full occupancy. Really when you pay so much and move to a place that has such a great reputation you don't excpect spanish people to be standing outside of the buildings and saying things towoman when they walk by. Balconies are for standing outside. Neighbors, GOOD and BAD. You have the good ones and then you have the ones who think they live in a house, you can hear eeeeeverything I mean everything. I would honestly not recommend it anymore but at first when the other management was there it was wonderful. GOOD LUCK

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                            Resident 2007 - 2009


                            This place is WACK!!!

                            This place was the worst, and i mean the most deplorable, horrible place i have ever lived. I would prefer to sleep in a dumspter, than reside in this landfill.When i moved in the carpet was still filthy, and it took an arm an a leg for the office staff to clean it.The Property Manager is a ------. some Black lady. Shes rude and stutters when she talks. She is a straight up WACK, and very overweight. You know how fat people are usually meaner because everyone looks down on them and pities their obesity? Well shes really rude and impolite. There is some blonde chic as her assistant, shes cute and cool. We also have some White guy whos running the rental side of property. Hes a real nice guy, he looks like a used car salesman, and I think hes a alcoholic, one day he came to check on my apartment, LOL and the guy almost passed out, i thought it was cus he was old, but i know a boozer when i see one. He was fainting, and wobbling from side to side.The Maintanace people however are pretty cool. The office Staff lost my deposit, lost my… See More>
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                              Resident 2009


                              A Great Place to Live

                              I am really happy with Penderbrook Square! I've been here for a month and a half and have yet to find anything to complain about. Because it hasn't been outlined here yet, let me explain the community. Penderbrook Square was bought about 5 or so years ago and they renovated about 3/4 of the apartments and sold them off. The remaining units are rented out still. I believe that a few of the renovated units are for rent for about $200 more a month, but the regular rental units have older appliances. I chose a non-renovated unit. Amenities: There are two pools that residents have access to, one is near the apartments, the other is down the street a little ways and is part of a larger gym that Penderbrook Square residents can have access to for a one-time fee of $17. This gym has an Olympic-sized swimming pool as well as free gym classes, tennis courts, and discounted golf (I believe you still have to pay for it, though). There are a few parks nearby, but if you want to go running you'll probably have to do it down the regular sidewalk, as I… See More>
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                                Resident 2009


                                Wonderful Community

                                I have recently moved in and I have to say this is the best community I have ever lived in. I have no issues. It's safe, quiet, clean, and well kept.

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                                  Resident 2006 - 2008


                                  Bestest ever!

                                  I,ve been living in Penderbrook Square for 1 yr now and still have no complaints.It is well managed and well maintained.The best price for the dollar with two gyms and two pools..Thanks Tim we love ya......

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                                    Resident 2008


                                    We love it here!

                                    We really like it here. It has been the best place we have rented. The grounds are always well taken care of, the neighborhood very nice and clean and the people we live here are mostly professionals. We will contineu to live here or consider a purchase! Fantastic amenities, 2 pools, 2 gyms, trails and golf course (residents get a discount up to 50%)

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                                      Resident 2008


                                      Good Place to Live

                                      I have lived here for a few months now and, in regard to the reviews I just read, they are still renting because I do. The maintenance has been very responsive and I have not had a bad experience yet. The only thing I would say that could be much better is the visitor parking, it is few and far between. Other than that I enjoy living here and would recommend it to anyone.

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                                        prospectiveVisited 2007 - 2008


                                        Penderbrooks Apartments

                                        I have been living in the Penderbrooks since, March 2007. The closet space is to small even for me being a single renter. Heat should be included with the hot water, since the damm thing only blows out hot air. They also need to assign parking spots to each tenant, being visitor's come and stay all weekend. So, when I get home a lot of times I have to look for somewhere to park!!!! People need to stop throwing their damm garbage on the ground and put it in the dumpster. This is not SouthEast, DC. OTHER THAN ALL THE ABOVE it's O'kay for the price, I guess. The County of Fairfax is a wonderful place to live and the neighborhood is really nice. Just some folks are'nt used to having anything, so they're not considerate of others and/or myself who are GRATEFUL for THEIR DAILY "BLESSINGS"......

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                                          Resident 2006 - 2007


                                          Don't judge the book.............

                                          Being a first time renter it was really appealing (the deal and the managers), then came the deposit, which since I hadn't rented before I had to cough up an entire month's rent for a refundable-deposit ($875). Then the maintenance problems began (they took a while to respond, and they kept saying they'd get to it - ASAP, it took almost 2 days - Had to call the emergency number a few times for a quicker response than the main office). Then the lease was about to be over, I asked for a month-to-month since I was in the middle of purchasing a home elsewhere, and it was about to materialize in a month after my lease was over - they refused to do so and claimed that someone else had already bought the condo. I conveniently moved out and left the condo as I had found it and returned everything (all the keys). Never did I not pay my rent of time. The only thing was to just wait for my refundable deposit to be sent to me - I've been waiting for almost 3 months for my money.....apparently the check is still being cut. I've been a… See More>
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                                            Resident 2006 - 2007


                                            Almost a year here, and no problems.

                                            I've been living here for about a year now.. and honestly, I don't have very many bad things to say about the place. I got a decent rate for my apt. and they waived my move in fees / deposit. I know that they're in the process of turning a lot of the apts. into condos, but they are still accepting applications for rentals. <br><br>The staff at the leasing office are always nice and helpful, and I've never encountered a rude person there. And anytime I've had any sort of issue with my apt. a maintenance person has been sent here if not the same day, then the next. That kind of surprised me . So I don't know why so many others are complaining about it. I live on the top floor, so I have a vaulted ceiling, and the light in the living room burnt out.. and I called the office to see if they would replace it since it was so high and I couldn't reach it, and they said that changing the bulbs was something the tenants were supposed to do. But sure enough, when I got home the next day, there was a tag on… See More>
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                                              Resident 2007


                                              Fine place to live

                                              The person who stated they are no longer renting is incorrect. They have turned many of the apartments into condos, but they are still renting a portion of them. I know for a fact they are taking new leases right now.<br><br>This is a nice quite place to live. The condos/apts are in good shape with no bugs or anything like that. Maintenance is usually quick about fixing things. The office staff is very friendly. There is always plenty of parking. I really enjoy living here. It is a million times better than our last apartment (East Meadow, which is also in Fairfax).

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                                                Resident 2005 - 2006


                                                Maintenance are very bad

                                                Once you lease the appartment and if you complain about something then respinse is very bad. As if they sold the appartment to you and now you are responsible for everything.

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                                                  Resident 1997


                                                  Reporting great credit history

                                                  I live @ this apartment for years. Paid my rent on time was a great resident. On my 3rd year the residental manager came to my door, and stated they wasn't going to renew my lease. So at that time I had to find a new place to live. They fired the Manager. But I refuse to pay anything else on that lease. What I'm saying this company didn't report any positive credit, and when I refused, they want to file a judgement on me for 7 years, but the FCR-FTC states a company can't just report bad credit. Know your rights as a resident.

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                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Deposit: Required
                                                    Rent: Required
                                                    Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.
                                                    Cats Allowed
                                                    Deposit: Required
                                                    Rent: Required
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 1 Bath

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                                                    Penderbrook Square is an apartment in Fairfax in zip code 22033. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $2,013. Nearby cities include Oakton, Vienna, Burke, Chantilly, and Centreville.

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