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Pinewood Plaza Apartments

3963 Persimmon Drive

Fairfax, VA 22031



Resident · 2010 - 2013
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Office Staff
Pinewood Plaza is a below average apartment complex with incompetent management staff. I lived here for 2.5 years because it was cheap, and boy did I get what I paid for. Johanna in the leasing office is the manager for the property as of February 2013 (or, at least, was the office manager if not the property manager). She would not stand out, competency wise, in a vat of plankton. When my heat broke, she said that it wasn't working because it wasn't cold enough outside (Johanna has no clue how heat pumps and thermostats work, and you should expect that for any problem you have, Johanna can come up with a stupid reason for why there is no problem.). I pointed out that it was 40 degrees the previous night, so she said they would check it when they replaced the filters. I decided to wait the two weeks for them to replace the filters, except they replaced the filters without actually checking that the heat worked. It took a month of repeated calls (and multiple visits from maintenance) to get it fixed. For approximately 18 months, water leaked into my apartment every few months. It happened so often that an entire section of my apartment became unusable to me, because almost as soon as I put my table back where I had it, water would leak on it. This started, I swear I am not making this up, on the night before Thanksgiving 2010, and was not permanently fixed until Summer 2012 (If I recall correctly). When it snowed or the sidewalk iced outside my front door, it was rarely salted or shoveled, and since many people walked around my side of the building it was hazardous. I called to point this out the first winter I lived there, but almost no effort was put into keeping snow and ice off the sidewalk. When I received my security deposit back from Kay Management after moving, there was no interest paid on it. After calling the leasing office and speaking to Hillary, I was told that interest had accrued, but I would have to call the main office in Silver Spring to find out why I hadn't been paid the interest. This started a Kafkaesque nightmare where I spoke with about 6 different people at the main office and leasing office. Johanna and Hillary in the leasing office said they just sent stuff to the main office and I needed to talk to the main office, the people in the main office said they just processed whatever they got from the leasing office, and I needed to talk to the leasing office. I have never dealt with so many people so clueless and intent on ducking responsibility, and this terrible experience is the reason I am writing this review. One day, after being transferred from [person I don't want to get fired] to William Campbell, the person I was told was *in charge* of security deposits, I was told by Mr. Campbell that all he does is process what the leasing office sends him, and that I needed to contact the leasing office. I called the [person I don't want to get fired] right back and unloaded my frustration on her. Later, when I called to apologize, she sympathized with my plight and said they treat everyone like this. She gave me the doubleplus secret phone number to call and I got everything squared away. I really could go on. I have more stories about how ridiculous Johanna is (she once said that water was probably not leaking into my apartment by implying something to the effect that, and I again swear I am not making this up, *I just did not understand what water looked or felt like, and my ceiling is probably just really cold or something*!!! Of course it was actually leaking, although it stopped all by itself. Bottom line: I will never rent from Pinewood Plaza or live in a Kay Community again, and you shouldn't either unless you think life should be full of suffering and frustration.
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Pinewood Plaza Apartments

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