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The Amberleigh

8301 Anderson Drive

Fairfax, VA 22031



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AmbivalentAboutArchstone • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2007
I moved in here (1BR) for a 6-month lease last October 1. I had to find a place that offered short term leases in a hurry (coming from Texas), and this was one of the few places that accommodated me well. Here are the pros and cons:<br><br>PROS<br><br>*Flexible leasing options. You can choose to live here for any number of months you want.<br><br>*Well maintained outdoor grounds -- as a previous poster mentioned, the complex is making a serious effort to maintain and improve interior and exterior lighting in the complex.<br><br>*Big swimming pool (I was here in winter, but I'm sure it'd be nice in the summer)<br><br>*Maintenance crew here is friendly and nice. Maybe a tad overworked, because it takes them a couple of days to get to stuff, but they are friendly.<br><br>*Nice stacked washer/dryer unit in my apartment.<br><br>*Have not had too bad of a bug problem. Killed a few cockroaches, but nothing out of the ordinary for apartment living where the slob next door probably has month-old food left lying around. Hey! What do you expect?<br><br>*Fixtures and appliances in the apartments are very decent, if on the cheap side. The bathroom and kitchen are equipped pretty well, but the oven downright sucks.<br><br>*TONS of cabinet and closet space (the bedroom closet is enormous here)<br><br>CONS<br><br>*The complex apparently uses parking as a way to control adult occupancy in the apartments. They have a contract with a draconian towing company. I have seen their evilness roaming through the lot at 2AM one night. By allowing one permit per adult occupant, and towing the rest -- problem solved for them.<br><br>*Rent hikes. This place makes money off of turnover and unbelievably high non-refundable move-in fees. Frankly, they don't care if you move, because they make piles of money from turning the apartments over. Hiking the rent is a win-win for them. You leave, they win, you stay, they win too.<br><br>*Flooding in the basement of my building... just glad I didn't have a basement apartment. Enough said on that. The entry area smelled like a sewer for about a week though.<br><br>*Lease amendment fee... I believe it's like $150. If someone else comes to live with you, they will sock it to you.<br><br>*Speed bumps... i'm mixed on these. I hate them for my car. But I know that people would be driving through here at 45 mph if they didn't have them. Not good with kids around for sure.<br><br>*Drafty... as a previous poster also mentioned. I want to conserve energy, but must keep heater on full blast to even bear sleeping in the freezing bedroom. It's warmer in the living room, and I moved my bed in there.<br><br>*AND... the biggest con? NOISE. I can tell where every occupant in the apartment above me is, and could trace their steps through different rooms. That's how creaky (CREEEAAK, CREAAAK) the floors are here. Also, if somebody's having a party at night, you might want to go get a hotel room or stay with a friend. I recommend a top floor apartment.<br><br>Overall, I'd call this a good place to live in the short term, if for nothing else than flexible lease terms. Don't plan on calling this home for a long time though, or you'll pay through the nose on rent.
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The Amberleigh

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