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The Reserve at Fairfax Corner



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 04/30/2002
I have lived here for over a year. I got great move in concessions and a amazing renewal concession to stay for another year. I also knew moving into a BRAND NEW Apartment I would have to deal with minor issues. I dealt with them and followed up with both new and old management. I was amazed to find the comments that have been written about The Reserve. I have read all of the entries here on this site about the RESERVE and I have to say that they are without a doubt many untold sides to the stories that you have read. I find it amazing how everyone is praising Lincoln Properties for a BANG up job that they did; when in fact they left this property in shambles. The new property managment company that came in had more to deal with from all of the UNFINISH business that was never resolved by LINCOLN Properties. Regarding the DOG situation... well this is what I have to say::: If you don´t like dogs DON´T move here if you DON´T like people living above you ... MOVE to the woods or buy a HOUSE. For GOD SAKE people you live in a APARTMENT that means you have to live and deal with those around you. And if you DON´T have the BALLS to tell your neigboors how you feel then you need to keep your comments to yourself and stop blasting UNTRUTHFUL statements on the internet. The Reserve is a great to place to live. Most of the people who live here are the biggest WHINNERS I have ever seen. If you feel your MANAGMENT TEAM SUCKS than tell the corporate office in "CHICAGO". Again, if you are looking for a solution "APT RATINGS.com" not the solution and the Leasing Office is not the end all to your answers. There is always a solution to your problems. I can guarantee you that I have had many of my problems taken care of through the Leasing Office and by contacting Chicago. I am sure most of you here that have posted negative comments decided to use this as a tool to get back at MANAGMEANT. This property was built in 2001 ... and no one bother to get on Apartment Ratings to RAVE about LINCOLN or say anything GRAND. So on that note ... You need to remember one thing ... YOU will never here both sides to the story. Most of the residents here are great and YES the managment team needs to get their act together. As I see it, I enjoy my apartment I love my neighboors and if I have a problem I work towards a solution. Just Remember most folks around here (in Virginia/DC area)DEMAND perfection but never perform it them selves. Walk this property, see the apartments, talk to neighboors and decide for yourself.
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The Reserve at Fairfax Corner

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