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Peachtree of McLean

2042 Peach Orchard Drive

Falls Church, VA 22043



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2000 Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
Could it be....PEACHTREE STAFF? <br><br>I've compared the writing style of the last few "glowing" reviews of Peachree and they match up quite well. <br><br>Gimme a BREAK. I've reviewed many an apartment here on Apartmentratings.com and have NEVER come across such a string of bs. <br><br>Really what it is is that not many people review this apartment on this site so the staff sees fit to put in some "reviews" of their own. <br><br>Not very honest I'd say which tells you something about Peachtree. <br><br>That said, Peachtree is in a good location and while I lived there 1999-2000 in the high rise I had a pretty good experience. It seemed quiet and I didn't hear my neighbors, albeit watch out for the garden apartments because apparently you CAN hear you neighbors because of thin walls. <br><br>When I lived there washer/dryer use was FREE, that was nice. Also FREE was gas heating/cooking, although they've ended that and now you have to pay for both on a separate gas bill. <br><br>I could go on but despite the staff's shenanigans on this website, admittedly it's a convenient (between the Beltway and 66) place to live and priced competitively compared to other expensive apartments in the area.
Peachtree of McLean Manager05/30/2007

I wonder whose been editing the reviews of Peachtree who lived here between 1999 - 2000? Clearly you need to find another way to entertain yourself! The Peachtree staff with the exception of myself have been instructed not even to view this website. It is frought with ulgy innuendos, inaccuacies and out-&-out lies. It is very discouraging to work a job where the people are so unforgiving and viscious and I simply will not have my employees exposed to it. I've been in this type of business for well over a quarter of a century and Peachtree is at the top of my list of places to work and to live. 1. We care about the residents-sincerely!Happy residents stay around, help us look after the property and create a great working environment for everyone. 2. We do our utmost to provide the best in customer service; how many properties do you know that the staff checks with the residents to find out if their service requests have been accomplished to their satisfaction? It's standard operating procedure at Peachtree. 3. We are also lucky enough to have an ownership that is willing to provide whatever is necessary to make the property the best the standards of the Tysons Corner area have to offer. I'm proud to call Peachtree my home as well as my work place. 4. The rents are well within the amounts asked in the area and the apartments are huge by most new construction standards. I truly do wish if there are sincere complaints that management can actaully address that the offended parties would give us a call at the Leasing Center instead of leaving these terrible, vitriolic messages to everyone in general and no one in particular. I continue to sugesst that people who are unwilling to offer their names are suspect in their opinions to begin with...BUT be that as it may it does not change the fact that we at Peachtree are governed by a true desire to provide a decent place for people to come home to; we have an excellent hard working staff that tries at all times to be friendly and most of all informative. If anyone out there is listening please give us just half a chance to work out your concerns, provide you with a lovely home or simply say hello. Charlene B. Pullias Property Manager

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Peachtree of McLean

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