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Skyline Towers



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SkyLiner • Resident 1995 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/10/2005
Look im rittin this for everyone who thinks there are bugs all over skyline! i live at <br> skyline towers and I HAVE NEVER seen a roch ever! Ok thats cause mi famliy keeps everything nice and clean ! If u would take a lil more care about ur trash and food mybe u wont see one every day! Ive lived there for 10 years and ive olny seen like 2 ( witch is normal..there will be roches) but we keep our aparentment very clean and tity so we dont see any bugs! U should try maybe then u wont complan its not the mangments promblem if you cant handle cleaning up after ur self! So stop blaming the building! And one more thing about all of u who said the kids selling druges at the park and stuff look u knoe nothing about those kids at the park! Thats were they all get togther and chill. They dont sell drugs why would they in public place anyway AND 1 of 2 of the parks is not owned by SkyLine towers so its nothing to your consern. I know this Because I am there almost everyday and I see what going on! Those kids will be kids..they will have fun! No they were never doing drugs just because there a big group of people doenst mean anything. Oh and If u see anyone there smoking then take the time to look some more THE OVER AGE! and there allowed to smoke! SO if u have a problem with kids chillin havin fun in a public place then thats ur problem and u have no rite to make them leave!
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Skyline Towers

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