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Skyline Towers



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sLc_BaByGuRL • Resident 1999 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/10/2005
Skyline is the best thing dats eva happened 2 me! i moved here when i waz a 4th grader!(w/ my family of course). i went 2 glen forest one of da best elemantry schoolz. and now im in my last year of glasgow middle! next year is gonna rock! i love dis building! i love most of da security gaurdz! dey r so tight! dey alwayz have r back! and dey r alwayz protectin us! if u live in skyline, u've probably have seen me and my friendz. mostly at da basement or da huge park, were alwayz sittin on da benches. we probably look big and scary but dats not da case. we r so nice. me and mii friendz love lil kidz. we alwayz have new lil friendz we alwayz play w/ dem! yes der r pll smokin at da park and yes dey are r friendz. and yes dey r old enough 2 smoke. and no da younger teenz u c w/ do older one'z(dat r smokin) we dont smoke w/ dem! we r not stupid. i personally wouldnt do n-e-thin stupid! y would i want 2 smoke dats just stupid! skyline is da most safest apartment building in da area. its very pretty and comfortable and luxurious! i love dis place! and maybe when i finish college, i might come and live here 4 a year or so! so all u haterz! need 2 shut da hell up! if u dont like it den u have a personal problem and u can leave im sure no1 wants u n-e-wayz! so dont critizie SKYLINE becaz ur critizin SLC CREW!!!!!!!!!!
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Skyline Towers

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