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Somerset Pointe Apartments



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yup29 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 12/30/2005
I've lived here for a year and a half and don't know about other people's experiences but my experience here has been pretty good. Then again, I live on the top floor so maybe that's the key. The only noise I hear are people coming up and down the stairs, (BOY those stairs are loud), and my neighbor's annoying screaming children when they're running around like chickens with their heads cut off unsupervised outside, (fault of the neighbors, not the apartment). <br><br>The maintenance staff is friendly and I haven't needed to deal with the regular apartment staff much. I'll be moving out when my lease runs up, but only because the traffic in Gainesville makes me want to poke my eye out. Some mornings it takes 30 minutes or more just to go the mile and a half from the apartments to 66, ugh. Too many new houses and not enough roads. Gainesville is also quite a haul if you work in DC, (I did when I first moved here and my commute took 4 hours a day).<br><br>Overall the apartments themselves are fine. Not spectacular, but not hideous. You probably want to find one on the top floor though, or I can only assume noise would be an issue.
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Somerset Pointe Apartments

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