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The Carriage Homes at Wyndham Apartments



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
Following my divorce I lived here for 2 years with my school-aged children. The main complaint is that you hear EVERYTHING going on at your neighbors' homes. I had a neighbor on one side with a baby, so we were awakened every time their baby cried or whined, and on the other side of us we had neighbors who fought loudly. It was like a daily soap opera - screaming, accusing doors slamming,and you could hear EVERY WORD. Naturally they broke up and it got quiet, but then someone moved in who loved to play his guitar and his music. You hear everything as though someone were just in the next room. The front of the home is really, really ugly. You can't even see the door, and have to climb up a flight of stairs before you can even get into your living room. When you have company, it's really awkward as there is no foyer to speak of, just a front door and then stairs. As with other apartment places, you have to tote your own garbage, but in this case they make you haul your stuff up stairs, open a heavy iron grate, and put your trash in. Oh yeah, in the winter the steps are really icy and they don't care. I seriously injured myself one season, and just suggested they either salt the steps or lay down rubber tread. Needless to say, nothing ever changed, so I hope someone hasn't tumbled down the steps and killed themselves by now. The neighbors are really oogy, and most of the children are unsupervised and run wild. They ride their bikes all over the single tennis court. It's right across from an elementary school, which is really handy, but there's no easy way to drive there, so plan on escorting your kids across a busy street each morning and afternoon. The surrounding community is nice, but since i used to live in a huge home there before moving in the apartment, everyone will be snobby so you're not really going to be able to participate in that side of the community, so be happy paying exhorbitant rents for the good schools (but if anyone finds out you live in Carriage Homes you and your kids will probably be shunned 0 just being honest). Not worth it unless you're a single business person who takes sleeping pills at night.
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The Carriage Homes at Wyndham Apartments

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