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Hampton Center

6001 Terrell Lane

Hampton, VA 23666



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2005
Besides the domestic disputes, drug deals, fights,loud music from cars and neighbors, drunk people roaming the neighborhood, beer bottles being thrown in the bed of your truck and placed under the tires, stupid neighbors that use 2 parking spots to park their NEON, completely JACKED UP parking to begin with, vehicles being towed for no reason, sirens from Sentera hospital blaring at all hours of the night, random bums trying to borrow money then trying to push the door in on you, constant police traffic in and out of here for any number of reasons, mouthy disrespectful college kids, a dishwasher that takes 4 cycles to clean 1 load of dishes, a thermostat that works when it feels like it, a smoke detector that falls off the ceiling at most unsuspecting time, the cathedral ceiling that I pay extra for leaking with the slightest hint of rain, the fireplace that I pay extra for leaking with the slightest hint of rain, this place is nice.<br>Heaven help you if you sign that contract.<br>P.S.- Yes, I have complained about a majority of these problems, to no avail. You just get tired of going over to the office to complain after a while, so some of these things have not been addressed due to exhaustion.<br>
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Hampton Center

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