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Heather Lake Apartments

99 Tide Mill Lane #189

Hampton, VA 23666



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Office Staff
enge1 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/26/2007
I have been living here about 2 and a half years. I pay around 800$ a month for a 1 bed 1 bath (that includes water). I don't particularly like it here but everytime my lease has come up I have not had the time to move either because of a family emergency or my work (USAF). The reason this place appealed to me was because it is so close to langley. That was it. I dealt with this dump when I was single but now that I am engaged and having a child I am moving real soon. When I first moved in, I could tell that they didnt really have the apartment ready because the floors were not even vaccumed and there were stains all over the carpet, not to mention it was extremely worn down (I asked them to replace the carpet twice and they refused). They even gave me like a 20$ discount a month because the apartment was wrecked. I took it anyways and sucked it up. When I was cleaning up I found a marajuana bud in the cabinet. The dishwasher didnt work. Shortly after I moved in they brought up a new one but didnt install it. It took around 8 months for them to install it. I used the damn thing as a coffee table. They have remodeled the kitchen and bathroom since I have lived here. I worked from 3pm-midnight so I usually was sleeping while the contracters were ripping it all apart and hammering making racket all the way until I had to get up for work. This went on for at least a month total. Then they re-shingled the roof and that was just the same. I live on the second floor so it was hell trying to sleep. The new medicine cabinet they installed in the bathroom fell off of the wall and hit my pregnant fiance on the head. Took them a month to fix that. The first time I called the cops was because I heard 4 gunshots down in the parking lot. The second time I called the cops I saw 20 wannabe thugs beating up 3 dudes while their girls were screaming at the top of their lungs. The next time I called there was a drive by at the apartment caddycornered to mine. Last weekend I got fed up and called them because I couldnt hear my tv over the booming rap music in the parking lot (this is everyday, it is going on now as I type this). All these incidents happened late at night when I was trying to sleep. Their pool sucks because it is most of the time crowded and always has duck fur in it. The dumpsters get so overfilled that there is trash all over the ground. I guess they cant afford to have it hauled off sometimes. Once I went to take out some trash and the dumpsters were overfilling to the ground so I threw my trash on the 2 story tall pile of trash on top of the dumpster. A week later I get a notice on my door telling me I owe the office 30$ for a fee of throwing my trash on the ground. I assume it fell off because it was so tall and they dug through everyones trash that had fallen on the ground just to make an extra buck and lay down some dumb fees. Here's a good story... I saw a mouse in my apartment so I bought some mouse traps. I leave for a 2 week deployment and come back with my apartment smelling like rotting mouse. I was wondering how the little bastards were getting in. I look in the hot water heater closet and shazam... there are air ventilation holes that lead strait from the outside to the inside. No wonder my power bill was so high and my kitchen was always freezing cold in the winter! here are the ventilation holes. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p167/Enge1/IMG_0239.jpg as far as landscaping goes... they have some nice looking willow trees but the fish dont really like it here either. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p167/Enge1/IMG_0236.jpg I am barely holding down my lunch from the stench while taking these. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p167/Enge1/IMG_0237.jpg I dont even know what the hell this thing is. Must be a jungle gym. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p167/Enge1/IMG_0235.jpg Most of these apartments dont have washer/dryer hookups but they do have laundry facilities for use if you can survive the stench of a million rotting mosquitos all over. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p167/Enge1/IMG_0234.jpg yes that is a pile of dead mosquitos on the ground. http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p167/Enge1/IMG_0233.jpg If you want to settle for less and never have any peace and quiet, come enjoy heather lake.
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Heather Lake Apartments

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