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Kensington Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
I have lived at this apartment complex for a while now. When i first moved it, you couldn't ask for a better place. ABout 6 months after that it turned into a worse place to live. Our cars have been broken into several times, parking is horrible, the mold keeps coming back because they paint over it. I have contacted a lawyer who asked me to cut a hole in the wall and see if the mold is in the insulation. If this is true and it is present i will get out of my lease no problem.. The prices are too high, that is why the owners are screaming right now. It isnt robin's or craig's fought, it is too expensive for a trashy place. If robin and craig were smart i would NEVER work for this company again. They are slum-lords. My child(ren) have stayed constantly sick. THey day i moved in my doors were rotten and i still havent gotten new ones. What is it going to take, someone needs to call the health departatment on this place ( never mind my lawyer already has). I refuse to pay a termination fee. <br>Also they need to check the people they are letting move in, alot are only drug dealers and trash. If they would let me out of my lease do to all the problems. I would move today
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Kensington Square Apartments

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