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Luna Pointe



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ByeSpinaker • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
Move into this complex if you have lots of money to spend/waste for a roof over your head that comes with a water bill that is almost pure fiction. The apts are drafty. If you get a two bedroom unit, beware the master suite will probably have heating & a/c problems; mine did and so did most of those that I talked with that also had 2 bedroom units. <br>Maintenance might as well not be there; maintenance does what they feel like doing when they feel like doing it. My 5 day move in list of problems was 3 full pages about half was 2 columns; less that 10% was fixed before I moved out 8 months later after going thru an attorney to get my lease ended early. Some of the worst I called/wrote them about every week; they fixed what they felt like fixing at the time. The master suite had no heat during the winter and no a/c at the start of the summer and all I got from maintenance was excuses as to why it was working when I couldn't get the room over 60 degrees with space heaters on a day when the temperature outside didn't get above 40. Or, the time they "caulked and weatherstripped the windows"; haaa, what they really did was caulk the windows shut and left gaps that my size 8/9 ring fingers could slip through and that I ended up stuffing with cotton. <br>After I moved out I got a bill from them to do maintenance to the apartment that should have been done to the apt BEFORE I moved in that they couldn't even bother to do while I was there. Then they had the audacity to send that bill to a collection agency 10 days after they mailed it to me.<br>Beware of the resident manager; she lies. She does her best to cover her --- and that of her staff and does not care about the residents. And when confronted with the truth, it is the tenent that is always in the wrong as far as she is concerned.<br>Parking in most of the complex is insufficient unless there are a lot of vacant units close to yours.<br>The unit I was in was very noisy. They charge you extra to listen to the bubblers in their man made flood control puddles that run 20 hours a day. When the speedway had races at night, the track might as well have been in the parking lot it was so loud.<br>The grass is non existent in a lot of places. The parking lots are set up to flood when it rains/snows; and if it is below freezing, they make good skating rinks. One maintenance problem that I pointed out to them more than once was a need to clean the gutters; gutters don't function properly when overstuffed / overflowing with leaves and pine needles like they were the entire 8 months I was there.<br>Not long before I moved out, they started advertizing the complex as "luxury". The only luxury of these apartments is the rent you are expected pay. When I walked up to my front door, the vinyl siding was not only cracked but had holes in it. The patio needed pressure washing when I moved in to remove mold, mildew and duck stains; it was never done.<br>
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Luna Pointe

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