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Marcella at Town Center



Resident · 2017 - 2019
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Office Staff
Don't let the looks fool you. There is a money hungry monster (DAVID) running these apartments. I have lived here for two years and no problems until I made a mistake. Yes a small mistake has cost me almost 300.00 dollars. I was six dollars short of my rent and was charges three hundred dollars worth of fees and blocked from making payments online. I had the six dollars. I just miscounted my fluctuating bill incorrectly. I called the office to see if someone could help. FYI I informed them of this mistake before it had hit their systems. They had no idea. The manager was on vacation etc.. so I contacted the corporate office. I was transferred to the attorney/ president of the company. He informed me he would call back because he did not know how to operate the system?????? That should have been my first sign I guess all he does is COLLECT MONEY from tenants. I proceeded to pay my next months rent without paying the fees because I was waiting for a call back. (waiting on two different people to call me him and the office manager) Instead of them calling me a month later I was emailed a threatening letter with attorney fees, additional late fees, and even a judgement all because of six dollars.(that I had I mean you can borrow six dollars from a stranger) Now, Im going to be honest this apartment is already too small for the price. It is not worth what they charge you. For this company to be so by the book you would think that they would fix some of the things that are reported. One main issue is the fact that my apartment is very moist. Its so moist that I was given a humidifier (that I have had for at least 5 months or more and no one has credited me for that or even came back and checked on the apartment) that for the record I have to dump every so often to remove the moist from my apartment.( For the price that I pay I don't think that is my job. and that monster is not paying me to do so) There is also this rude girl that sit at the front. As Im walking out of the building she states "ok" towards me in a rude and disrespectful way. She needs to learn to speak when spoken to. I guess she thank she can say anything to you as if she is not at work. Long story short this company is all about your money. The president is a lawyer need I say more. All of this for 6.00 dollars. They should really consider how they treat their loyal tenants before everyone leaves. Don't move in here because you are just a number and I mean dollar sign number to them.. PS. I was threatened with court not because I didn't pay my rent, but because of the late fees I was disputing for a six dollar mistake. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! There are so many other apartment complexes that will treat you like a human not a number because we all make MISTAKES. :)
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Marcella at Town Center

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