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Adara Herndon

2399 Glen Echo Road

Herndon, VA 20171

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Office Staff
Honestopinon • Resident 2002 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/11/2007
Well I figured I would give my two cents worth since I've lived fairly long enough. We have been living in a 2br for 4 years and over the whole time, I've never really seen roaches. Ocassionally there were ants but nothing horrific. Sometimes I've to wonder how much you can trust what you read in some reviews as they may be coming from fellow development competitors so take a pinch of salt as you are reading through and use some common sense. However the best advice is to visit the property and trust your first instincts. If it just looks shady or the staff aren't as professional, I wouldn't recommend going with it. Anyway so far everything has been pretty good. The maintenance service has been prompt. The manager of the property seems arrogant and less competent than the staff but overall, they still do their job well enough. No place is perfect, there's always going to be some downs and outs but I can safely say that after living 4 yrs on this property, I've been very happy. My first priority was cleanliness and I'm telling you bugs really bug the hell out of me and I'm so glad that no problems so far with roaches which so many places have. And the appliances have lasted throughout the 4 yrs, not much of a problem either. So would I recommend it? Definitely. Look out for Janet at the leasing office, she's always so happy to help and genuine. I wonder why she's not the manager cause the manager herself seems to be a joke. But that aside. Go ahead, this is a nice neighborhood and apartment to live in. Cheers!
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Adara Herndon

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