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Woods of Fairfax Apartments

7630 Fairfield Woods Court

Lorton, VA 22079



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Office Staff
honestrenter07 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
Where to start, the office staff has been a pain in our butts since before we even moved in. The only reason we are here is because our rent is fairly cheap compared to other apartments of this size in this area. Other than that, we wouldn't be here.<br><br>The management that was here in April 2006 when we agreed to move in was awful. We had to make 3 separate trips to the leasing office from our old apartment to sign our lease before we even moved here. Each time they said it was ready and when we showed up, it was not. Since then, I believe new management has taken over and at least they fired the idiot girl that originally helped us, she was awful. However, even the knew management and staff overall is very unprofessional. They never welcome you when you walk in the leasing office and they never ever smile. We always feel like a burden to them when we walk in the office.<br><br>The maintenance staff also is awful. They barely speak english at all and other than one time, it has taken at least a week for them to even come and check out the problem. I recommend if you want anything done immediately, call their emergency number. That worked for me 1 time when water was leaking through my ceiling. Although they still never fixed the ceiling marks, just stopped the problem that was causing the leak. And don't expect the maintenance staff to let you know when they come into your apartment. Luckily someone has been home or they called me to check about something, otherwise I would have never known they were in my apartment each time. They never leave tags saying they were here. So who knows how many times they have actually entered my apartment without me knowing.<br><br>The buildings are very old and they are trying to renovate them, but I don't think it helps much. We live in an unrenovated apartment, but my electric bill ran about $260/month from June-September last year. Absolutely ridiculous. I had the electric company out here 3 times and they said it is the unit causing the problem and there is nothing they can do. I called maintenance and after a week or so they show up and fixed nothing. One time they charged the AC and another time they replaced the thermostat, but nothing helped. The electric company said that the bill is ridiculously high for an apartment of this size, but the office staff here said that $250/month is pretty typical for summer time. Well, I'll let you know that I have lived in apartments very similar in size for the 3 years prior and never once had an electric bill over $120, including the peak of summer and winter. I'm waiting as long as possible to turn my heat on because I don't want another skyrocketed bill.<br><br>I have heard all the stories about the gangs and drug dealers here. And I believe it because they are tons of groups of teenagers that are walking around here all the time. But my direct neighbors are very nice and have never had any problems. However, I live right at the front of the complex and I don't think there is too much activity in this direct area. The complex is huge and I think all the trouble is farther back in the complex. That is one reason we chose the apartment near the entrance to the complex because when we were looking at apartments farther back in, it was very shady and rundown looking farther back. Plus, there is more parking out front because there are not apartments crammed on both sides of the street.<br><br>In the summertime, there are tons of kids outside all the time and it can get pretty noisy. But other than the people directly above us walking around at night time, we haven't had many other problems with noise.<br><br>Word to the wise, be careful walking across the parking lot. People think it is the Indy 500 here because it is so big and there is room to go flying through.<br><br>But, the apartment is 1000 sq ft, which is pretty big for an apartment. Plus you get an extra storage closest in the hallway, which is convenient for storing boxes and other stuff you don't like guests to see. So for the price, that is pretty good. Government employees get pretty good discounts too. I didn't even have to put a deposit down.<br><br>I don't recommend the Woods of Fairfax because of the staff mainly. Everything is such a hassle and there is no need to add that much frustration to your life. But if you are trying to save money, you might get a good price here, not sure what the current rates are.
Woods of Fairfax Apartments Manager08/14/2007

I am very sorry to hear that your experience moving into our community was not as smooth as both you and I would have liked it to be. Please accept my sincerest apologies and know that this is not the way we typically conduct business. We truly do appreciate our residents and hope that our every day actions reflect that. If for some reason they do not, please contact me so that I may take appropriate action. It is our policy to address all maintenace concerns in 24 hours with the exception of maintenance emergencies which should be addressed in one hour. I have every confidence that the majority of our maintenance request are handled in this way; however, if this has not been the case in your experience please call the rental office at (703)550-9331 so we can remedy the situation immediately. Also,our maintanence team should leave a note each time they enter your apartment home. Please be assured that this issue has been address. Finally, thank you for yor comment in regards to the practicalit of our community. You are correct; our apartments are very spacious and have great storage and are very reasonably priced. Sincerely Fred

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Woods of Fairfax Apartments

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